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    28 Underrated Indian Beauty And Lifestyle YouTubers You Need To Subscribe To Right Now

    So many channels to subscribe to!

    The beauty community on YouTube has recently become a cesspool of drama and spilled tea that nobody really cares about. However, there are SEVERAL Indian creators who are sticking to the intended purpose of their platform and delivering fantastic and unproblematic content in the form of makeup, skincare, and lifestyle videos.

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    You need to follow these individuals right away, especially if your makeup skills resemble this^.

    1. Akanksha Kommirelly

    youtuber akanksha kommirelly poses for the camera
    Akanksha Kommirelly / Via

    Akanksha is a stunner who posts awe-inspiring makeup and skincare videos. She regularly uploads helpful makeup tips, bunks skincare myths, and reacts to ridiculous beauty videos such as this one about skin-whitening TikToks (RIP).

    Watch: This video of her trying Kylie Jenner's makeup tutorial.

    2. Anindita Chakravarty

    youtuber anindita chakravarty posing for the camera
    Anindita Chakravarty / Via

    Anindita aims to share her undying love for makeup through her many videos catering to product reviews, tutorials, and huge hauls. Her channel mostly focuses on affordable makeup and skincare because of which she has an impressive following.

    Watch: This video of hers in which she organises her makeup collection.

    3. Chetali Chadha

    youtuber chetali chadha showcases a nykaa lipstick
    Chetali Chadha / Via

    Chetali creates beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content and often does honest reviews of overhyped skincare and makeup. The best thing about her channel, however, is the strong focus on affordable products because not every beauty-enthusiast can splurge. The plants in the background of her videos will probably have a calming effect on you!

    Watch: This video about the best lip balms available in India.

    4. Deep Pathare

    youtuber deep pathare poses for the camera
    Deep Pathare / Via

    Deep is a beauty creator who, according to his bio, is obsessed with skincare, makeup, and cats. He uploads the most captivating tutorials on achieving dewy, bronzy, and peachy makeup looks. I mean, look at that dexterity!

    Watch: This video about his skincare routine.

    5. Deepthi Desikan

    youtuber deepthi desikan posing for the camera
    Deepthi Desikan / Via

    Deepthi's channel is perhaps a goldmine when it comes to underrated content. She posts non-sponsored and brutally honest reviews of popular makeup and skincare products along with dupes of high-end makeup. Her series on the best and worst products from well-known brands is a godsend!

    Watch: This video of her duping 50 luxury lipsticks.

    6. Dhwani Bhatt

    youtuber dhwani bhatt poses in indian jewellery and then with her soft toy pillow
    Dhwani Bhatt / Via

    Dhwani is one of the OG YouTubers in the lifestyle category with her food, makeup, and skincare hauls along with challenge videos such as the one in which she only eats green coloured food. She also posts travel vlogs and DIYs. Her vibrant and inviting thumbnails will make you want to click on every video that she uploads and her chirpiness will compel you to binge-watch her content.

    Watch: This video in which she talks about using a menstrual cup for the first time.

    7. famaha | Shiv Pandey

    youtuber shiv pandey poses for the camera and dresses up as a bride in the second photo
    famaha / Via

    Shiv, also known as famaha, believes that cosmetics are gender-free, and rightly so. He posts iconic drag transformation looks along with bridal makeup tutorials that are out of this world. He also does some occasional skincare videos and Q&As.

    Watch: This video in which he transforms into an Indian bride.

    8. Heli Ved

    youtuber heli ved poses for the camera
    Heli Ved / Via

    Easily the bubbliest name on this list, Heli's content is synonymous with happiness. She posts lifestyle videos such as her enviable stationery collection and hauls from popular clothing brands. You can also see her testing viral hacks, reviewing beauty products, and showcasing her monthly favourites. She also does interesting story-time videos every now and then.

    Watch: This unicorn stationery haul!

    9. Jovita George

    youtuber jovita george smiles for the camera
    Jovita George / Via

    A favourite of many brown girls, Jovita has been posting beauty, fashion, and travel content on YouTube for perhaps the longest time. She deserves more recognition because apart from her brilliant reviews on makeup and skincare products, this former Miss Kerala has been creating videos in which she calls out the deeply entrenched colourist attitudes of Indian beauty brands.

    Watch: This video about hyped products that suck.

    10. JoyGeeks | Aparna Ganesh

    youtuber aparna ganesh, clad in a saree, posing for the camera
    Aparna Ganesh / Via

    Apart from being a model, chat show host, and a yoga expert, Aparna creates wonderful content for her beauty and wellness channel. You'll find a little bit of everything from lipstick reviews and swatches to skincare empties and monthly favourites. Oh and you can't possibly miss her dazzling smile!

    Watch: This video of nude lipstick swatches on two different Indian skin tones.

    11. Jyotii Sethi

    youtuber jyotii sethi posing for the camera
    Jyotii Sethi / Via

    Jyotii is a familiar face on this list because she's a former Bollywood and Tollywood actress. The movie-star turned YouTuber now uploads fashion and lifestyle hauls, videos on makeup kits for beginners, easy to follow tutorials, and cute vlogs that document her life.

    Watch: This step-by-step tutorial for those who think that makeup is rocket science.

    12. Manasi Mau | Manasi Ghosalkar

    youtuber manasi mau smiles for the camera
    Manasi Mau / Via

    Manasi frequently uploads fun beauty, fashion, and lifestyle hauls along with relatable AF vlogs and challenge videos such as this one in which her Instagram followers control her life for a day. Her channel mostly focuses on affordable drugstore products owing to which she has a dedicated fanbase. She also has a second channel where you can find more daily vlogs.

    Watch: This Miniso haul.

    13. Mridul Sharma

    youtuber mridul sharma poses for the camera
    Mridul Sharma / Via

    Mridul posts delightful lifestyle, DIY, makeup, skincare, and travel content on her channel. Her productive and relaxing morning and night-time routine videos are a lot of fun to watch and so are her hack and 'what I eat in a day' uploads (which will inspire you to eat healthy). Oh and did we mention that she's also an entrepreneur?

    Watch: This video in which she eats her food in alphabetical order for 24 hours.

    14. Nidhi Katiyar

    youtuber nidhi katiyar posing for the camera
    Nidhi Katiyar / Via

    Nidhi is an OG beauty YouTuber as she has been on the platform ever since 2010 and her channel is often associated with affordable makeup. In fact, she has an ongoing series dedicated to inexpensive makeup called 'What's new in affordable?'. Aside from this, she runs an online cosmetic store of her own!

    Watch: This makeup haul that is full of exciting products that are easy on the pocket.

    15. Prakriti Singh

    youtuber prakriti singh poses with a lipstick
    Prakriti Singh / Via

    This stunning beauty enthusiast posts informative and useful makeup tutorials such as no-makeup makeup looks, festive looks, and eyeshadow blending techniques. Prakriti also uploads hauls, skincare routine videos, and aesthetically pleasing lipstick swatches to her channel.

    Watch: This video of her reviewing L'Oreal's Rouge Signature Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

    16. Sarah Sarosh

    youtuber sarah sarosh posing for the camera
    Sarah Sarosh / Via

    Apart from being a makeup and beauty lover, Sarah is also a medical student! This talented YouTuber posts helpful tutorials such as how to apply false lashes along with budget beauty finds and cool hauls.

    Watch: This video in which she talks about how she reduced her acne scars.

    17. Shalini Srivastava

    youtuber shalini srivastava poses for the camera
    Shalini Srivastava / Via

    Shalini expresses her love for beauty through her amazing videos that focus extensively on reviews and try-ons of the latest makeup and skincare. She continually uploads a 'top 10' series of such products that will help you decide what to add to your shopping cart. She sometimes does Q&As and challenges that are a treat to watch.

    Watch: This video of what's in her makeup bag.

    18. Shreya Jain

    youtuber shreya jain flaunting her makeup skills
    Shreya Jain / Via

    If you're even remotely familiar with the Indian beauty community on YouTube, you'd know who Shreya Jain is. However, despite being the biggest name on this list, she is ridiculously underrated considering the massive number of non-sponsored and honest reviews of makeup and skincare on her channel. Her makeup skills are absolutely on fire and there's always something new that you'd learn from her detailed tutorials and 'how-to' videos.

    Watch: This video in which she talks about skincare and makeup products she has stopped buying.

    19. Shweta Vijay

    youtuber Shweta Vijay flaunting her makeup skills
    Shweta Vijay / Via

    A former Miss India, Shweta posts incredibly honest and detailed makeup and skincare videos on her channel. In fact, her most popular uploads cater to products from Indian skincare and haircare brands. However, what is extremely laudable is her criticism of Indian makeup brands that perpetuate colourism through their products, which only a handful of YouTubers have been doing.

    P.S: She is a new mommy! 👶🏻

    Watch: This video in which she talks about India's obsession with fairness.

    20. Simmy Goraya

    youtuber simmy goraya posing for the camera
    Simmy Goraya / Via

    With videos such as 'underrated products that actually work' and 'overhyped products that suck', Simmy's YouTube channel is a treasure of informative and appealing content. In addition to her beauty videos, she also tries viral trends, posts relationship advice, and uploads challenge videos that involve her family and friends.

    Watch: This video of her brother doing her makeup.

    21. SmithaDeepak | Smitha Deepak

    youtuber smitha deepak poses after recreating some popular makeup looks
    Smitha Deepak / Via

    While she has the largest number of subscribers out of all the names on this list, Smitha Deepak deserves a mention because of her UNPARALLELED skills. Her makeup recreations of movie stars and pop-culture characters are so accurate that you won't be able to spot any differences. Moreover, her eye and bridal makeup tutorials are possibly the best on the platform.

    Watch: This video in which she recreates Deepika Padukone's 2019 Met Gala look.

    22. Sohini Chanda

    youtuber sohini chanda poses for the camera
    Sohini Chanda / Via

    With her makeup tutorials and recreations, along with genuine reviews of best-selling cosmetics, Sohini is a true beauty lover. She also posts enticing hauls, how-tos, skincare routine videos, and haircare content.

    Watch: This video about her filming setup, in case you wish to start your YouTube journey.

    23. Stacey Castanha

    youtuber stacey castanha posing for the camera
    Stacey Castanha / Via

    With around 900 videos, Stacey has been on YouTube for quite sometime and routinely posts try-on fashion hauls and comprehensive makeup tutorials and reviews. In fact, her lipstick swatches are possibly the finest out there. She's also been avidly unboxing Indian subscription boxes and bags on her channel.

    Watch: This review of SUGAR's Smudge Me Not liquid lipsticks.

    24. That Quirky Miss | Aditi Shrestha

    youtuber aditi shrestha poses for the camera
    That Quirky Miss / Via

    That Quirky Miss or Aditi is one of the bigger names in the lifestyle category on YouTube with her regular vlogs, makeup and fashion hauls, monthly favourites, and videos like 'What I eat in a day'. Her uploads are unmissable because of their attractive and 'quirky' thumbnails.

    Watch: This house tour video.

    25. The DayDream Project | Shivangi Sharma

    youtuber shivangi sharma poses for the camera
    The DayDream Project / Via

    A former television actress, Shivangi posts excellent beauty and lifestyle videos, often with her partner, Arjun. Her skincare, haircare, and makeup review and collection videos (such as this one about all her eyeshadow palettes) are highly engaging. However, the USP of her channel are her fantastic skills when it comes to makeup, especially eye-makeup.

    Watch: This brown smokey eye tutorial.

    26. TheTrendDiaries | Nidhi Jain

    youtuber nidhi jain posing for the camera
    TheTrendDiaries / Via

    A self-taught makeup artist, Nidhi posts reviews of popular skincare and haircare products along with comprehensive drugstore lipstick swatches. She also occasionally uploads one-brand makeup tutorials that are easy to follow and will help you become a pro!

    Watch: This drugstore glowy makeup tutorial.

    27. TiTi s Corner | Tsering

    youtuber tsering poses and smiles for the camera
    TiTi s Corner / Via

    Tsering posts some of the best makeup tutorials, skincare reviews, and lipstick swatches that you'll find on the platform. You'll also be entertained with hilarious challenge videos such as this one. Watching her content is deeply satisfying because of her calming voice.

    Watch: This video about doing the perfect pedicure at home.

    28. What When Wear | Aanam C

    youtuber aanam c poses for the camera
    What When Wear / Via

    Aanam posts fashion and beauty videos along with travel vlogs, cooking tutorials, and cute collaborations with her husband. Her challenge videos, such as the one in which she applies all her eyeshadow palettes to her face, are fun to watch. She also does an intriguing weekly horoscope series for all zodiac enthusiasts.

    Watch: This video of her GINORMOUS bag collection.

    Here's another fantastic YouTuber worth celebrating!