This Instagram Page Posts Images You Cannot Unsee And Brb Washing My Eyes With Soap

    Alexa how do I unsee an image?

    Meet Archit Singh (well, that's not him in the picture, obviously) who runs a page on Instagram called "you.can.not.unsee.these.images". The images he posts are cursed because once you see them, you really won't be able to get them out of your head.

    A mashup of sherlock and spongebob

    BuzzFeed spoke to Archit about his hilarious idea. He told us about how he initially started a meme page with around 800 followers. Having done that, he always wanted to explore different types of content in order to impress his audience.

    He spoke about how his memes required the morphing of faces of different characters, celebrities, and political figures. "I was pretty meh at it earlier but then I found better ways to do it", he explained.

    One day, he randomly decided to morph the faces of famous figures and edited Narendra Modi's face on that of Donald Trump's. This is how it all began.

    Since the edit turned out well, he made more and started a page dedicated to these hysterical memes. Archit spoke about receiving a lot of support and shoutouts from his friends in the process.

    He also told us about getting positive feedback from his audiences, so much so that the followers of his page often send him suggestions.

    So here's Breaking Bhakt.

    And this crossover that we had never dreamed of.

    And this other crossover that is anything but elementary.

    Here's Comedy Nights With Friends.

    You'll have to wash your eyes with soap after looking at this picture of Mad Eye Modi.

    And Dumblemort will haunt you forever.

    Here's Bobby Pandit to creep you out.

    This one will really make you wonder, "Rasode mein kaun tha?"

    Leonardo Modicaprio says hello!

    And Bhuvan Sparrow says "Arrr".

    While Shah Rukh Obama says "Vvvvvvote".

    Here's Ed Kejriwal. He's the 'perfect' aam aadmi.

    You won't be able to unsee this mash-up of Poo and Ladoo.

    And Baba Kanye will remain etched in your memory forever.

    Finally, here's Baba Hagridev to give you nightmares.

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