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29 Things That Were Incredibly Traumatising For Indian Kids

Does the theme song of The Zee Horror Show still give you nightmares?

1. You remember the absolute fear that gripped you every single time an episode of this show was aired:

the opening credits of the television show aahat

2. And the countless sleepless nights that this show gave you:

the opening credits of the television show ssshhhh koi hai

3. Or perhaps it was this show (and its terrifying theme song) that made you believe in the existence of the supernatural:

The opening credits of the zee horror show

4. You'll always remember that we had Papi Gudia before Annabelle became a thing:

the poster of the horror movie papi gudia with master amar, karisma kapoor, and an evil doll

5. You know that Tatya Vinchu will always be more iconic (and traumatising) than Chucky:

a creepy puppet called tatya vinchu from the marathi movie zapatela

6. And you won't forget how Revathi's eyes from the movie Raat scared the bejesus out of you.

A possessed Revathi stares at her costar in the movie raat

7. Remember being utterly scandalised by the way this movie ended?

Urmila Matondkar looks shocked in a still from the movie kaun

8. Or peeing a tiny bit every single time Rahul Roy morphed into a tiger in Junoon?

Rahul Roy screams as he morphs into a tiger in a still from the movie Junoon

9. Or perhaps it is this song that still makes you crap your pants:

Actress nanda in a still from the movie gumnaam

10. The thought of being attacked by the monster 'Monkey-Man of Delhi' made you hysterical:

A sketch of the imaginary monkey man that once haunted Delhi

11. And you still think of Ashutosh Rana as the guy who once haunted you in your dreams:

In a still from the movie Dushman, Ashutosh Rana screams into the camera

12. Now think about the absolute horror of having your parents throw one of these at your face:

13. Or getting hit by one of these tiny weapons because your teacher caught you yapping with your bestie in the middle of a lesson:

two pieces of chalk lie on a blackboard

14. There was nothing scarier than your teacher saying things like "your child talks too much in class", during parent-teacher meetings:

a mother, with a baby on her lap and the teacher smiling at her, looks at her kid's report card during a parent teacher meeting

15. And when you saw this car driving towards you, you knew in your heart that you were about to be kidnapped:

a maruti omni is parked on an empty street

16. There was nothing more nerve-wracking than a surprise test:

17. Remember the fear that engulfed you when you scored a zero on your test and had to get your answer sheet signed by your parents?:

An answer sheet in which the student has scored 0 on 20

18. Or watching your teacher pick this up to give you some ass-whooping for not completing your homework:

a wooden ruler

19. Remember eating this stressfully because you were apparently eating an old woman's hair that weirdly tasted good?:

Some cotton candy being prepared in a candy floss machine

20. Admit it: You'd fear for your life every time you were treated to the monstrosity that was 'birthday bumps':

Several boys giving their friend birthday bumps

21. And your heart would beat faster when you were trying to quickly pull your hand away during a game of 'red hands':

Several boys playing the game of red hands

22. You won't forget how nervous you were about getting caught while cheating on a test:

A student uses his palm as a cheat sheet for his test

23. Or anxiously reminding your mom that you had a craft project that was due Monday, ON A SUNDAY NIGHT:

a fish made out of pulses and fennel seeds

24. You remember the crippling fear that came with Board exams because apparently your future depended on it:

Female students in a classroom appear for an examination

25. Or the panic attack you'd get if your parents picked up the landline when your potential significant other called:

An old landline telephone with circular dials

26. The extreme sport that was eating in the middle of class while sweating at the thought of getting caught:

A plastic lunch box containing some roti, cabbage sabzi, chickpea sabzi and a salad of cucumber and onions

27. The fear of getting shorter if someone jumps over your legs > everything:

"Jumping over someone's legs reduces their height." #90sKidsRumors

28. And you can't possibly forget the time your parents told you that plants and trees would grow inside your body because you swallowed the seeds of fruits:

A small baby stares into the camera while eating a watermelon slice

29. And you will never ever forget the mental image of a scary old man, every single time you don't feel like finishing all of your food:

Black and white image of a mature man with long white hair, wearing scruffy clothes sitting in an old chair holding a white handkerchief