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32 Things Only Kids Who Went To School In India Will Understand

"Is this a classroom or a fish market?"

1. Nothing compared to the joy of going to school with bags that were usually bigger than yourself.

2. And spending hours covering your precious books with these.

3. Sticking one of these labels on your freshly covered textbooks was a different kind of high.

4. Did the last page of your notebooks look like this or were you normal?

5. You probably remember bringing lunch in a tiffin box that looked something like this.

6. And the food inside would usually be a congealed yet delicious mess of this.

Aaj tiffin mai #maggi hai..kya irada hoga mere isse khane ka?

7. You know that the coolest kids in your class had this geometry box.

8. And this magical eraser.

9. Maybe you had one of these because you weren't one of those particularly fancy kids.

10. Or if you were truly rich, you probably owned a pencil-box like this one.

11. It is a known fact that these **just did not work** and would often end up tearing the pages of your prized notebooks.

12. Remember excusing yourself to stand near the dustbin to sharpen your pencil?

13. It's been a while since we used one of these.

14. And ruined our hands while trying to fill those fountain pens with this blue elixir.

15. Remember being excited about PT classes because you got to wear these cool shoes?

16. You also remember this being the OG Fair & Lovely.

17. Since you'd ALWAYS forget to polish your shoes the night before, you'd usually rub them vigorously with one of these, just before PT class.

18. Also, these shoes of yours probably think you're dead.

19. Remember marching into class with your Milton Kool Rider by your side?

20. And giving those long, stressful exams with this sturdy and reliable companion?

21. Everyone knew that their love life was basically at the mercy of this game.

22. And this was the best game to play during those boring free periods.

23. You knew the greatness of 'Name, Place, Animal, Thing'.

24. And detested being the 'chor' in 'Chor, Police, Raja, Mantri'.

25. We all know that this was more of a weapon than an instrument of measurement.

26. It's been a while since we wore a uniform that looked something like this.

27. And it's been ages since we sat in one of these.

28. Or stared at one of these.

29. Or answered "PRESENT MA'AM" when the teacher read out your name from one of these.

30. It's been a minute since you stepped out into the playground to play kho-kho, basketball or a simple game of chain-chain with your best friends.

31. You remember the thrill that was associated with being sent out of class as a form of punishment.

32. And finally, you remember making noise to such an extent that your teacher wondered whether she was teaching a class or a fish market.