17 Things That Are A Lot More Offensive Than Tanishq's Latest Ad

    We wonder why these didn't make more people angry.

    In case you were unaware, Tanishq recently released a heartwarming commercial about inter-faith marriage which incurred the wrath of many. Some people believed that the ad promoted 'love jihad' and trended the hashtag #BoycottTanishq on Twitter, as a consequence. Moreover, the brand manager for the Tata-owned company was trolled and a mob forcefully entered a Tanishq showroom in Gujarat's Gandhidham and abused the staff.

    If anybody has a problem with this beautiful ad, don’t watch it and share it

    In a rather unfortunate turn of events, the jewellery brand had to pull down the ad, keeping in mind the sentiments of people and the well-being of its employees.

    1. Which makes us wonder about the plethora of problematic Indian ads that did not even see an ounce of backlash when compared to the flak received by Tanishq. For example, take this ad that shamelessly mocks the agency of a woman.

    2. Or this vintage ad about training a woman to be an "ideal housewife".

    An ad for a sewing machine

    3. Take this infuriatingly casteist ad as another example.

    Hi #Kent @KentROSystems, what casteist classist bullshit is this?? You should be ashamed of yourself for putting this ad out.


    4. Our memories are rather ephemeral so we might have just forgotten about this deeply sexist ad.

    RT india_retailing "Jack & Jones India pulls down sexist ad featuring actor Ranveer Singh; apologises on Twitter … "

    5. Or this disturbing ad that once made us wonder how it even saw the light of day.

    Ad exec booted over this controversial Ford Figo ad featuring Silvio Berlusconi and tied women http://t.co/xEkCCl22if

    6. We also forgot about this. Not many people objected to this dehumanisation and commodification of domestic workers.

    #Advertising gone wrong (via @_IshaanSethi) @BookMyBai maids are NOT people's property.

    7. Not many people had a problem with this set of ads that smugly perpetuated the troublesome "men will be men" trope.

    Two women and a man in an elevator

    8. Remember this commercial? It made women believe that a tight vagina was not only desirable but also important.

    A man and a woman stare at each other as they dance

    9. This ad series for a fairness cream had as many as THREE incredibly popular Bollywood actors. The plot revolves around Saif Ali Khan's character leaving Priyanka Chopra's character for another woman (played by Neha Dhupia). And why does he do that? Because Priyanka is dark-skinned.

    Priyanka chopra watches a commercial on television

    10. Fairness creams will occupy a large part of this list because Indian brands keep doling out these terribly problematic products and commercials and we're not very bothered. For instance, in this ad, a skin-lightening cream manages to change the *race* of a woman.

    A caucasian woman smiles

    11. Then there was this "miracle" that was promoted by a prominent Bollywood actress.

    Deepika padukone promotes a fairness cream

    12. And this "spotless and bright" commercial with another popular actress:

    Alia Bhatt promotes a fairness cream

    13. Here's another one that will apparently make you "flawless" and give you "pearl perfect fairness".

    Sonam kapoor promotes a fairness cream

    14. Always remember that India's biggest superstar *still* promotes skin-whitening creams — for men.

    SRK in a fairness cream ad

    15. This ad reminded Indian women that a fair vagina was just as important as a tight one.

    A vaginal lightening cream ad

    16. And finally, there's the OG brand that equates fairness with loveliness and releases commercials like these which illustrate that brown-skinned women cannot achieve their dreams because, well, they're brown.

    Genelia d souza gets lighter because of a fairness cream

    17. Here's a friendly reminder for Fair & Lovely: Changing your name does not change the regressive thing that you stand for.