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42 Design Flaws That Will Make You Cringe

Hello 911, I'd like to report a crime. The victim? My eyes!

1. These rather thoughtful handle covers:

Knitted handle covers for your pots! from funny

2. This sweet treat that sends a very wrong message:

a chocolate treat that is supposed to look like santa but actually resembles a penis

3. These nosy neighbours:

two chairs in a balcony of a house that face the windows of the adjacent house

4. This crossing that is somehow also a dead end:

This crossing in Slovakia from CrappyDesign

5. Oh so this is what they meant when they said "build bridges not walls":

a street sign board is blocked by a wall

6. This door that is specially designed for athletes:

a door that strangely is blocked by a staircase

7. "We're You're Not Til Not Happy":

a shop's sign that strangely reads we're you're not til not happy

8. "Don't Drive Safely":

a sign that strangely reads don't drive safely

9. This t-shirt that is rather 'diffiretn':

a t shirt that has the word different misspelt

10. Whatever inspirational message is hidden here:

an inspirational message on the wall with its text all jumbled up

11. This slide that aims to give all kids ouchies:

a slide in a playground somehow ends up in a tree trunk

12. This door that leads straight to the hospital:

a door that is weirdly near the ceiling of a room

13. This toilet that brings the east and west together:

a western style toilet is weirdly constructed like a squat style asian toilet

14. ??????

a part of a door has been removed so that it does not hit the commode when opened

15. A family that shits together, stays together:

three western style toilets huddled together in one washroom

16. They really do:

Thats 5 toilets from India... from CrappyDesign

17. This bathroom with a view:

This bathroom stall in my former school from CrappyDesign

18. If you think about it, this is actually clever. You take as much toilet paper you think you'll need and then head inside:

The toilet roll is outside the toilet from CrappyDesign

19. This toy that is most likely to give you nightmares:

a soft toy doll, whose face has mistakenly been printed or sewn upside down

20. Why stop at merry when you can say happy?:

a greeting card that reads happy merry christmas

21. I am a creep. I am a weirdough.

some crepes in a bakery display are mistakenly called creeps

22. Is this the stairway to heaven?

a badly designed staircase with two handrails

23. This map that is every geography professor's nightmare:

Can't wait to see Fance in India. from CrappyDesign

24. This ludo board looks rather questionable:

a ludo board, a part of which weirdly resembles a swastika

25. And the owners of this shop probably need history lessons:

Store in India from CrappyDesign

26. Illuminati confirmed:

To the guy who posted the store in India, seems that there's a new order in the fashion industry. from CrappyDesign

27. This shower that is the perfect embodiment of the Hindi word 'jugaad':

Guesthouse shower in Kasol, India from CrappyDesign

28. This literal hole in the wall:

a hole in the wall of a bathroom inside which is nestled a wash basin

29. This fire exit that is perhaps designed for Spider-Man:

The Fire Exit on this building from CrappyDesign

30. Would you like some milk juice?:

in a supermarket, a glass of orange juice mistakenly stands for the text milk

31. These extra sour balls:

a pack of bubblegum candies that are called extra sour camel balls and a picture of a camel and its pronounced balls grace the outer packaging

32. This car wash that knows what it's good at:

Local car wash business in India from CrappyDesign

33. This hoodie that, in retrospect, wasn't such a good idea:

a sweatshirt that says 'anti animal cruelty club' at the back, but when you put the hoodie down, it says 'animal cruelty club'

34. Yes this mug is definitely blue:

Blue from CrappyDesign

35. This chair that would perhaps be perfect for babies to sit on:

a chair is placed in such a manner that it is impossible to sit on the one perpendicular to it

36. These switchboards that seem to have an affinity for each other:

two switchboards are almost stacked on top of each other

37. This milk company that didn't think things through:

Milk in India fits this sub perfectly. from CrappyDesign

38. Why buy Nike and Adidas separately when you can have them together?:

a counterfeit sneaker that says it is both from nike and adidas

39. This room that you'd have to slither on the floor to access:

a door, the handle of which is at the bottom, near the floor

40. This unfortunate greeting card:

a greeting card that says congratulation you have cancer

41. This place that can easily be robbed by an extremely tiny person:

a shutter can't reach the ground because it is blocked by the raised entrance of the establishment

42. And finally, GET ASS!:

a van has its doors open and the text on one of the doors unfortunately reads get ass

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