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    41 Tweets That Prove Why "Schitt's Creek" Deserves All The Love In The World

    "What is your favourite season?" "Awards."

    Not long ago, a Twitter user made this profound prediction that honestly made some of us look forward to 2021:

    Picture it-the year is 2021. Rose Apothecary has just opened a second location, in Elmdale. Patrick has been elected to town council. Moira just won an Emmy. Alexis runs a PR firm with offices in New York and LA. Rosebud Motel Group has properties all across North America.

    And this made us hopeful for the one happy thing that could come out of 2020:

    Would just like to remind the world we have one last chance to give Catherine O'Hara her much deserved Emmy for Schitt's Creek this year and it would be the first good thing to come out of 2020.

    Well, some prophecies do come true because during the virtual 72nd Emmy Awards, Schitt's Creek won as many as seven awards in a row! Apart from becoming the first comedy series to win all four major acting categories in a single season, it also created a record for the most wins by a single comedy series in the same season!

    With Catherine O'Hara, Eugene Levy, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy winning their #Emmys tonight, that means our little Canadian show is the first comedy OR drama to ~ever~ sweep all four acting categories, and that is absolutely wild 🇨🇦

    SCHITT'S CREEK has swept all four acting #Emmys. That is the first time in the 72 years of the Emmys a single show has done that in a single year. #SchittsCreek

    Congratulations to Schirt’s Creek! Wait, why can’t we say Schirt’s?

    And it was then nominated for FIVE Golden Globe Awards and ~obviously~ won big!

    All the love and congratulations going out to Catherine O'Hara for her win tonight, and to the entire Schitt's Creek cast and crew for the team win! ✨💛✨

    Twitter: @SchittsCreek

    The show truly deserves all the love and accolades that it is being showered with and the reasons are endless! Schitt's Creek is hilarious, relatable, and downright iconic. Moreover, it is a gold mine of memes!



    me when i have one thing to do in a day


    Cultural Impact: █    █  █  █  _ Alexis Rose Michelangelo's saying “David” David



    Let’s Go To The Mall walked so A Little Bit Alexis could speed off in a Lamborghini (vroom vroom, bitches)


    “Okay, I'm starting to feel like I'm trapped in an Avril Lavigne lyric here.” #SchittsCreek


    Would pay an obscene amount of money for a 10 minute scene where Alexis Rose meets Jenna Maroney.



    I took my car to the car wash and the kids running the place looked at my license plate, laughed, and asked who David was and why exactly I hated them so much. Good luck at the Emmy’s tonight! @SchittsCreek @danjlevy @annefrances


    I think my new best friend just moved in next door. Cc: @danjlevy @SchittsCreek


    I’m gonna tell my kids this was the pope #SchittsFinale #SchittsCreek


    Me, the first time I leave my house after quarantine #SchittsCreek #MoiraRose #YesBebe


    Moira Rose's voice is the 21st century equivalent of the transatlantic accent


    “Hi! I’m Moira Rose, and if you like fruit wine as much as I do...” @SchittsCreek @danjlevy #bingolingfucker


    cherry wine by hozier but every time he says “cherry wine” it’s replaced with the full audio from moira rose’s fruit wine commercial


    brb just imagining Marie Kondo trying to get Moira Rose to pick which wigs spark her joy and which don't


    @Netflix_CA marie moving on to david: "which of these 500 black sweaters of yours sparks joy?"


    Me waking up to relive the same day I've been stuck in since March 2020

    19. The show also set exceptionally high standards for wholesomeness:

    This whole scene/episode 😭😭#ComingOutDay ♥️


    Spoilers!!!! But... OMG!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    21. And helped people during tough times, such as ALL OF 2020, by bringing a smile to their faces:

    Schitt’s Creek helped so many people during lockdown. So many people have told me it’s been a fixer for them. So good to see them get the recognition they deserve.


    Quick list of things that make me happy: 1. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ winning Emmys. 2. Eugene Levy winning an Emmy. 3. Catherine O’Hara winning an Emmy. 4. Moira Rose winning an Emmy. 5. Dan Levy winning Emmys. 6. Anne Frances winning an Emmy.


    I’m watching Schitt’s Creek again. It’s very much like being with my family which is good given that it’s unknown when we’ll be all together in person.


    @SchittsCreek @CBC @CBCTelevision @SchittsCreekPop @PopTV @danjlevy @annefrances @Realeugenelevy Started watching Schitt’s Creek last summer when I was in the middle of a major depressive episode and spent most of my days feeling suicidal - this beautiful show saved my life, and along the way I’ve made some of the most wonderful friends. Cannot thank the SC family enough 💖


    Having a @SchittsCreek sticker on my car continues to bring me The Most Joy because sometimes random strangers in parking lots strike up conversations about how much they love the show, and sometimes apparently they leave you little notes to discover at the end of a long day 😭💗

    26. Here are fans reiterating why the show and its wonderful cast members are truly worthy of all the praise in the world:

    schitts creek has deserved every award. this show has been overlooked for YEARS i’m so grateful people are finally recognizing its genius


    Schitt's Creek sweeping the comedy category at the Emmy's is the only good thing that has happened in 2020.


    Schitt’s Creek is a good show and also doing the world a service by denying Ms Maisel more wildly undeserved plaudits


    imagine not being a schitt’s creek fan. that sucks



    Weirdly, this is exactly how I imagine Moira would have won an Emmy in a pitch-perfect season finale from an alternate timeline




    This scene alone of Catherine O'Hara in Schitt's Creek should have won every comedy award in existence.


    honestly Catherine O'Hara deserved that Emmy for Moira Rose's pronunciation of "bebe" alone


    idc about Schitt’s Creek but Catherine O’Hara should have a million awards at this point for the sheer batshittery she’s delivered


    congrats to Catherine O'Hara for her Emmy and for reinventing English‼️‼️‼️‼️🥳


    (Annie Murphy's Alexis has long been the best and most underrated performance on Schitt's Creek, pass it on)


    Schitt's Creek received eight nominations and seven wins tonight. In case you're wondering, it's 7/8 because two episodes were nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, and they lost to themselves. #Emmys

    39. 🏆🏆🏆🏆


    the only nice things about 2020 are the awards shows

    41. Moira is basically all of us RN: