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    More People Are Sharing Their "Weakest Claim To Fame" And There's So Much Tea

    "I sold Paul Rudd a sweater."

    We recently posted an article about a Twitter thread in which people were sharing their "weakest claim to fame". Since, it was replete with interesting celebrity encounters, we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their own such experiences and received an overwhelming number of responses. Here are just some of the *many* fascinating ones.

    1. "My family friend is on Broadway and Scarlett Johansson threw her baby shower for her." — Ashley.

    2. "I had a chance to hook up with Willam from RuPaul's Drag Race, via the Grindr app, while I was in LA. We chatted but I was intimidated, so I never followed through. 😶 It's so important to sleep with someone when you have the chance."— Christy Cream.

    3. "I went to middle and high school with Ariana Grande. Well, in middle school we had an actual class together, in high school she was 'enrolled' in my English class but was homeschooled because she was Cat Valentine at that point." — apri1123581321

    4. "Keith Urban stepped on my foot at a pumpkin patch after my daughter wouldn't let his daughter play with her in a teepee. I don't think the two were related." — marystewart1262

    5. "My grandad worked with the teacup poisoner, a famous killer who used tea as their weapon. It’s an actual British murder case and the serial killer (Graham Young) was apparently really nice and made my grandad LOADS of tea!" — Umok1234

    6. "My dad gave directions to Dwayne The Rock Johnson when he was in town for a wrestling expo in the 90s, and he invited him to skip work to go with him to the event." — colleend9

    7. "Ryan Reynolds' giant half brother works at my Costco." — janegsalim

    8. "I did Lady Gaga's grandma's nails a couple of times. 🤷🏻‍♀️" — Jamie

    9. "While working at Banana Republic I sold Paul Rudd a sweater." — Erika

    10. "My aunt went to prom with and dated Patrick Dempsey in high school." — jordans338

    11. "I met Bo Obama when I was in 4th grade and was almost tackled by secret service because he wanted to play with me." — emoelvis

    12. "I won The Big Shaboozie on Slime Time Live in 1999. All of my friends saw and I was very popular in 3rd grade. I won a Nickelodeon sports package. I also got to meet LFO, the least popular of the popular 90s boy bands. Best day of my life. Don’t tell my husband or children." — carolgjc19932

    13. "Prince Harry once waved at me and my grandma when I was 9 or 10." — hufflepufflegirl

    14. "My great-great aunt's husband was the captain of the Carpathia — the first ship to reach the Titanic after it sank — which took the survivors to New York." — rebeccastothert

    15. "My grandparents saw Arnold Schwarzenegger filming 'Jingle All the Way' at the Mall of America. My grandma said, “He’s not as tall as you’d think.” — erinhappysunshinecanaryk

    16. "Michelle Obama once attended the same church service as my husband, before we met. She did the 'peace be with you' thing to him but he was too star struck to respond lol." — kaydee0511

    17. "I once held a door for Martha Stewart. She said 'thank you'." — mmanc139

    18. "My gynaecologist is Glenn Close’s sister in law so I guess that’s something." — coconutflakes

    19. "Katy Perry babysat my cousins a couple times when they were toddlers." — thisistheway

    20. "I took care of Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia at the animal hospital I worked at a few years ago." — AnonymousK

    21. "My stepmom babysat the Jonas Brothers when they were kids because they went to the same church as her in NJ." — Instalessjordan

    22. "I once had a college class with Kelly Ripa for three days before she stood and said she wouldn’t be back to class because she had an audition for a soap opera. She knew she was going to get it and she was right. I never spoke to her." — kymwitmer

    23. "I know someone who made out with Alan Rickman." — cadyd4be46df1c

    24. "My sister met Dick Van Dyke one summer whilst gardening for our hometown. He was on a cruise. Super nice fellow but also very extroverted and friendly which made my very introverted sister have hives." — cynthiabonville

    25. "I met Snoop Dog while serving at the Kentucky Derby and he offered me a seat because someone told him we had to stand for 16-18 hours straight. It was true — the only place for us to sit on Derby Day or Oakes Day was the toilet. He smelled heavenly." — CensusPrincess

    26. "My godmother was one of the Stranger Things kids' teachers when they first started acting." — KMCKLML

    27. "My mom’s cousin went to preschool with Justin Timberlake." — staceymmounce

    28. "My grandads cousin’s son is Rowan Atkinson. That makes him my second cousin twice removed...I think." — rcs31

    29. "Right before my great grandpa died, he told my family that he used to be a safe cracker and an accomplice to the famous John Dillinger and also went to jail with him. After he died, we checked and it was true. No one knew, especially because he was a priest." — lmniccum01

    30. "I bought 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and his wife a round of drinks after some other people recognised them and ambushed their dinner." — Save The Drama Fo Yo Llama

    31. "My grandfather approached John Cena at an airport, and John Cena told him that he was in good shape and that he liked my grandfather’s suit jacket." — melnitskyc

    32. "I once stayed in a hotel that was a film location for a Tommy Lee Jones movie, and ended up in the same lift as his assistant. She told us that he was a total asshole and to keep our distance if we saw him, simply because he was so horrible to people. We did end up seeing him later, in the bar at the hotel, but followed her advice and just left him alone lol." — lucywebster770

    33. "Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) told me that I was her first fan." — facebook_10156633247398786

    34. "I walked two of the Backstreet Boys to a table when I was a restaurant hostess. Didn’t even know it was them until they sat down and I recognised Nick's face." — AKatB720

    35. "I saw John Mulaney while on my way home from school and asked for a picture. He declined because Petunia had to pee." — natalie0227

    Note: While the veracity of these comments cannot be verified, submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.