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    19 Pictures That Indian Kids Born Before 1999 Will Literally Be Able To Taste, Smell Or Hear

    Don't question the science here!

    1. You can definitely taste these "cigarettes".

    Popular phantom sweet cigarette candies

    2. And smell the inside of this pencil box.

    A 90s pencil box

    3. The scent of this photo is strong.

    Colourful scented erasers

    4. You can definitely taste these sugary delights.

    Colorful candy jujubes
    Getty Images

    5. You can hear the song that is associated with this image:

    A hot milind soman in the music video for made in india
    Sony Music India

    You're probably thirsty right now.

    6. And you can perfectly taste this right now:

    Boomer chewing gum

    The only Boomer that millennials really love, amirite?

    7. You can totally hear what these kids are saying.

    Shahid kapoor and ayesha takia in a complan ad

    This is what the kid on the left looks like today.

    8. You can definitely taste these guys.

    A tub full of pepsicola candies

    9. Somehow the weird taste of this is still in your mouth.

    Eraser on pencil that has been chewed upon
    Getty Images

    10. You can hear this picture and a part of you wants to answer the phone.

    An old nokia handset

    11. And you can also somehow hear this image.

    The windows xp startup

    12. You can still smell this.

    A shoe whitener

    13. And some of you can taste this.

    Two white crayons on a black background
    Vadzim Kushniarou / Getty Images

    14. Pictures aren't supposed to make sounds, but this one does.

    A dialog box for dial up connection

    15. And this picture is literally sniffable.

    Zandu balm, a popular pain relief balm in india
    Emami Ltd

    Your lower back has stopped hurting by merely looking at this picture.

    16. Somehow you can also smell this image.

    A box of oil pastels

    17. You can hear your name being called out by your class teacher.

    An attendance register

    18. And you can hear Falguni Pathak's melodious voice playing out of this.

    A 90s walkman and headphones

    19. Finally, your brain is processing the taste of this right now.

    Frooti, a nostalgic mango drink for indians
    Parle Agro

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