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41 Things That Are Just Too Damn Real If You Have Indian Parents

"Indian parents would rather get a tattoo for their UTENSILS but not for their kids wow"

1. On encouragement.

Twitter: @CommonDesiDude

2. On education.

3. This truth.

○ single ○ taken ● got desi brown parents

Twitter: @qyaamat

4. On disagreement.

5. On beliefs.

desi parents believe every forwarded video on whatsapp but refuse to believe their kids depression is real :/

Twitter: @fairymishti

6. On mastering the art of texting.

7. And improving communication skills.

8. On accepting gifts.

Indian parents don't say 'Thank you' when you get them a gift. They say 'Kya zaroorat thi? Kyun paise waste karti hai? Save kiya kar'. 🤷‍♀️

9. On marks.

10. And cleaning.

When mom says dont walk abhi poucha lagaya hai.

Twitter: @imdhokla

11. On honest and open conversations.

12. And worrying about your safety.

Me : Mom, I'm going to Mars Mom : pahunch ke call kar dio

Twitter: @HaramiParindey

13. On being savage.

14. And entertaining guests.

desi parents when the guests start thinking it’s time to go home

Twitter: @mineralyoongi

15. On good habits.

16. And their love for tattoos.

Indian parents would rather get a tattoo for their UTENSILS but not for their kids wow

Twitter: @SocialBitterfly

17. And sass.

18. This morning routine.

Desi parents don't wake you up. They just turn off the fan.

Twitter: @arian_earthling

19. This regular interrogation.

20. On dating habits.

all indian parents are stock market bf and astrology gf

Twitter: @warmtoned

21. On expectations.

22. More expectations.

Twitter: @chandrarsrikant

23. This daily occurrence.

24. This other frequent occurrence.

25. Parenting 101 feat brown mummy.

26. This other truth.

27. On priorities.

"Dekho kismat hoti hai. Sahi mil jaye bas." I thought my mom is talking about a rishta for me but she's talking about kaamwalis.

Twitter: @BeingChatterjee

28. And more priorities.

29. On money-saving tactics.

desi parents never actually bought new batteries for the tv remote. they'd just slap the shit out of it hoping it'd start working again and then blame u for watching too much TV.

Twitter: @thenikhilkapur

30. This scary AF thing.

31. On being pissed.

Desi parents getting pissed at grown-ass employed-ass children for ordering in food will always be the weirdest and most unnecessary oppression.

Twitter: @Eustacebaaaang

32. On being grateful.

33. This hurtful fact.

34. On struggle.

Dads describing how they went to school

Twitter: @sagarcasm

35. And trust (or the lack of it).

When you are trying to fix the gas cylinder your mom be like

Twitter: @itsdhruvism

36. On being protective.

37. And being adorable at the same time.

38. On possessing superpowers.

39. On pride.

40. On always being your cheerleader.

41. And finally, on being the best-est.