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    68 Things You Need To See If You've Watched The Cringefest That Is Indian Matchmaking

    "Normalise divorce, not arranged marriage."

    Meet Sima Taparia from Mumbai, the star of Netflix's 'Indian Matchmaking' and the matchmaker of your dreams. Sima Mami will judge your entire existence based on your biodata, ask you to compromise if you have humanly flaws, call you negative if you're not jolly enough, assess you based on how tall and fair you are, and resort to the stars and her favourite live face-reading app if her efforts are meaningless.

    I’m Sima from Mumbai, and you will need to compromise. 😂😂😂#IndianMatchmaking

    Hi, Sima Taparia from Mumbai. Don't lose hope beta. Tell me what you want

    If Ma Anand Sheela and Sima aunty wanted to host a talk show together, I'd wach the hell out of it. Make it happen.

    Exactly ONE MINUTE into Indian Matchmaking and I have already been rejected.

    Started #IndianMatchmaking. Match-maker Seema Taparia just looked at a painting of a dog and asked if it’s a cat. Yeh karenge match?

    my life goal is for sima taparia to meet me & call me jolly #IndianMatchmaking

    Apart from scanning biodatas faster than most resume scanning softwares, she also has teleportation abilities as she zooms across Mumbai and different parts of America within a matter of seconds.

    Presenting tools of Seema Aunty. #IndianMatchmaking

    Me every time someone asks me about my dating life from now on #IndianMatchmaking

    Sima Aunty has given us all a motto for 2020 #IndianMatchmaking

    The next time anyone asks me why I’m still single. #IndianMatchmaking

    "Ultimately my efforts are meaningless if the swipes are not aligned"

    Me trying to stop a netflix binge fest #IndianMatchmaking

    Netflix or Incest porn? #IndianMatchmaking

    Dear friends! Reply QT with your picture/selfies and Mr. Face Reader Janardhan will do a reading.

    While Sima is the protagonist of this *groundbreaking* reality show, Aparna is perceived to be the antagonist and has been at the receiving end of A LOT of hate for being rude, unreasonable, negative, and downright annoying. I mean, I get it. We would all love to relax for ten days straight. However, if assessed from a neutral lens, it is difficult to deny that Aparna was simply being realistic about her expectations and asking for basic equality.

    Person: “I would like to relax for 10 days.” Aparna: “what are you doing in your life that you have to relax for more than 3 days?” #indianmatchmaking #netflix

    So you wanted to be a lawyer since you were 7 yrs old BUT you don't like being a lawyer. #IndianMatchmaking

    Sima Taparia, every time she talks about Aparna- #IndianMatchmaking

    Aparna: Is rude, hardly let's her dates speak, loves traveling but hates where her dates have traveled or have enjoyed traveling, says she doesn't have to grow as a person. Also Aparna: I'm pretty sure I'm single because I'm busy. #indianmatchmaking #Netflix

    Aparna doesn’t like it when... her dates are friendly with waiters??? #indianmatchmaking

    “When I think about aparna...I get tired” me too aunty #IndianMatchmaking

    Aparna’s insufferable 💀 #IndianMatchmaking

    Shekar leaving the date with Aparna #IndianMatchmaking

    Aparna and Aparnas mom constant expression #IndianMatchmaking

    WHAT. First the Bolivian salt flats now this???? #IndianMatchmaking

    This Indian Matchmaking show is problematic and eye rolling but I am thoroughly enjoying hate-watching it all and it is so relatable and realistic. The editing is really good and I hate Aparna so so much.

    Aparna's journey is so interesting. The traditional matchmaker Sima is so frustrated with her because A prioritises her career and has strong opinions. Sima genuinely believes that no one can love someone like Aparna.

    #IndianMatchmaking The show Villain The Actual Villain

    Aparna continues to be my fave with her biting commentary on the imbalance of expectations across genders but the shows like "stOP beING sO piCKy Aparna #IndianMatchmaking

    Aparna you're doing amazing, sweety. Also, can we just agree that Aparna's mom is secretly her worst enemy?

    #IndianMatchmaking on Netflix is so cringeworthy, but unfortunately it’s really the true reflection of Indian arrange marriage system. Someone who has gone through it, experienced every bit of it! Also, kudos to Aparna’s mom for saying this! 👇🏽👏🏽

    We then meet Pradhyuman, an eligible bachelor who is 'fair, tall', and therefore good. Perhaps this is why he rejected as many as 150 girls?

    Boys on dating apps tryna do small talk be like.... #indianmatchmaking @NetflixIndia

    Oh and his culinary skills: 💯 / 💯

    Pradhyuman putting two peas on a plate and calling it a dish... #IndianMatchmaking

    .....pradyuman really giving me the serial killer energy #IndianMatchmaking

    i want pradhyuman’s god’s wardrobe #IndianMatchmaking

    Easily the most fucked up chapter of 'Indian Matchmaking' is that of Akshay and his overprotective mother. It speaks volumes about how Indian men are constantly indulged by their mothers and then pressurised to get married at the 'right age'. Internalised misogyny is incredibly dangerous, yet people don't talk about it enough.

    I knew they looked familiar #IndianMatchmaking

    #IndianMatchmaking The show villain The actual villain

    #IndianMatchmaking im so confused?? Why is akshay’s mom stressing him to get married so his brother can have a kid?? How does that correspond 💀💀

    Aunty is looking for a gymnast. #IndianMatchmaking

    Brown society when they see a girl who is over 25 and not married #IndianMatchmaking

    not sure why he's looking for a wife when what he clearly wants is a babysitter #IndianMatchmaking

    Every desi mom ever! #IndianMatchmaking

    to be born an indian woman is to suffer

    We now come to the respective storylines of Nadia and Vyasar, two adorable individuals who honestly deserved so much better.

    I get why Aparna is single, but the fact that Nadia is as well shows us that movies lie #IndianMatchmaking


    Guru really bringing that disapproving Indian dad energy to a date #IndianMatchmaking

    vinay why you gotta let us down like this?? #IndianMatchmaking

    If Nadia on #IndianMatchmaking is an 11/10 and getting ghosted then there is no hope for the rest of us 😭

    nadia and vyasar deserve so much happiness #IndianMatchmaking

    Cannot put into words how disappointingly accurate #IndianMatchmaking is of modern day dating within the community but what I will say is Nadia, Vyasar and Rupam deserve the absolute world! But now I'm triggered and need 3-5 business days to shake off this emotional hangover.

    While there are countless hilarious aspects of the show, perhaps the most important to note is how the concept of arranged marriage is deeply entrenched in sexism, casteism, classism, colourism, and ageism. It is imperative for girls to be 'fair, slim, and beautiful' and they're expected to 'adjust and compromise' and be experts at running a household. Moreover, what is equally problematic is that in most South Asian societies, marriage is associated with a ticking clock and is often seen as the antidote to loneliness. The fact that a show as regressive and archaic as 'Indian Matchmaking' is still being picked up by a giant like Netflix is an illustration of how the average mindset hasn't changed all that much.

    I can see how #IndianMatchmaking is problematic. But I think it's also fascinating in the way that it shows how for most people the opposite of loneliness is marriage. Nothing in between.

    my conclusion is that people only get married because other people get married

    Non-desi people watching #IndianMatchmaking gonna be hella confused about why Indian's do what they do. Honestly, same.

    Moreover, if one believes that moving out of India broadens your outlook, this show will prove just how wrong they are.

    Watched #IndianMatchmaking to confirm what I thought I knew about sexism, casteism, and classism in Indian/Indian American marriage markets. Sadly, confirmations confirmed. Go on now, tell me about how you want someone not too dark. Caste doesn't matter but must fit our culture.

    Yes, twitterverse, yes. Indian Matchmaking is exactly how all of us desis get married. With parents pre-buying jewelry & clothing for a certain neck, hand & body size & then deploying professionals who roam the world to fill that boy or girl shaped hole.

    So we not gonna address the constant and blatant colourism in #IndianMatchmaking? Okay, cool. Carry on.

    How to be a match maker rule #1 Amirite? #IndianMatchmaking

    The reason arranged marriage is predominantly a "Desi" thing is because it is rooted in caste. Its not about finding love, it's about keeping the bloodline "pure" or some other such nonsense. This institution needs to die, not be given a Netflix special. #IndianMatchmaking

    I’ve been seeing a lot of jokes about the show on matchmaking and arranged marriages on Netflix and as someone who’s lived through this hell for most of her twenties, I’m here to tell you; it’s no joking matter 1/n

    The only true words spoken on #IndianMatchmaking

    Normalise divorce, not arranged marriage.

    Just watched 10 mins of Indian Matchmaking on Netflix. Brb.

    Brown people social distance from their loved ones with or without COVID. Just to be safe. #IndianMatchmaking

    Out of context conversations from Netflix's 'Indian Matchmaking'... (Although, do you even need the context, really?)

    The only way to watch Indian Matchmaking is as an investigative series on the horrors of heterosexuality

    Finished #IndianMatchmaking and realised I would make a good matchmaking aunty, except where I sit young people down and tell them marriage is a patriarchal institution and forbid them to meet and set hurdles in their path and those who hook up despite me is winning pair

    The best minds of our generation are watching Indian Matchmaking.

    If you can't get enough of the show, perhaps you'd like to know who you'd actually end up with if you were on "Indian Matchmaking". Also, if you want some Sima Taparia from Mumbai-style relationship advice, check out this quiz!

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