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    So PUBG Has Joined TikTok In The List Of Things Indians Can't Love Anymore


    In what is yet another surprise after TikTok-geddon, the Indian government has banned 118 Chinese mobile apps, including the incredibly popular PUBG.

    As per statistics, there are more than 222 million active PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds enthusiasts in India. This ban has therefore had (hilarious) ramifications:

    Banning PUBG while unemployment is high needs a lot of courage.

    When will this government ban the coronavirus, man?

    I stopped playing PUBG, but not because of the ban — it was a Call of Duty.

    It all started with this mom complaining about her son...

    Indian parents discussing #PUBG ban with their friends

    Waiting for Instagram to add #PUBG in there new update.

    so people who were celebrating tik tok ban are crying over pubg ban, i have to laugh

    And finally: