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    14 Really, Really, Reeeeally Good Things That Happened In India In 2020

    Because we could all use some joy right now.

    1. 2020 was the year we were introduced to this husband of the century.

    His wife died three years ago. So when their dream house was completed, businessman Srinivas Gupta from Koppal got her statue made to make sure she's there for the housewarming ceremony.

    I mean. If this isn't true love, I don't know what is.

    That statue is complete life like. From the rolls on her arm....Check out the photos. Is sweet, bizarre & a bit heart breaking too.

    2. We got to see this cutie who looks like an expert at lighting up people's lives.

    3. And this other cutie who needs some rest after a long day at work.

    4. Oh and our feed was blessed with this good boy who you can see rollin' but just cannot be hatin'.

    And this one has decided it’s time to take the wheel in his own able paws.

    5. Speaking of good things, look at these adorable goats!

    When they walk, the Nachhi breed of goats, look like they’re dancing!

    6. Remember the heart-wrenching story of this vegetable vendor from Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar, who opened his shop for the first time since the lockdown, only to have it shut because of the flooding?

    A man cries while sitting on the divider of a water-logged street of Mumbai and the rain keeps pouring
    Sachin Haralkar / Mumbai Mirror / Via

    Well, Mumbai came to his aid and how! He is now debt-free. The city truly has a big heart.

    Good news. He has two lakhs in his account & can pay off debts. Thank you @MumbaiMirror for highlighting this story🙏

    7. Then there's this dad who got his daughter all teared up with his wholesomeness.

    Who allowed my dad to get all cute and sentimental on Facebook 😭❤️

    8. And this wonderful daughter who had her dad holding back tears with her thoughtfulness.

    Daughter (in wheelchair, she’s ok now, precaution) off to college abroad. Because she is going to miss my birthday on 12th, last evening she baked the most amazing luxurious cake ever and pizzas! Already missing her. Sinking in now. And now eyes are moist.

    9. And these lovely kids our parents would gladly trade us for.

    Since yesterday, I am wedded to my phone and my laptop. Hours long phone conversations and endless online meetings. Just now finished with another online meeting and was presented this. And to imagine I have been ignoring my kids so much these days. Kids=love, care, hope.

    10. There's this warrior dad who is truly an inspiration.

    Appreciation post That is my father . He is currently serving on the frontline of Covid 19 . He was retiring this year in march and he was not happy. A day before his retirement he got a letter saying he was posted for the "COVID DUTY" kaeshir paeth. He at once resumed . 1/n

    11. And this doctor, who is the epitome of selflessness.

    12. You probably still remember the devastating plane crash that took place in Kozhikode, not too long ago. But what happened in its aftermath will restore your faith in humanity.

    The experience of a young doctor I know about how prepared everyone was in hospitals the moment news of the #KozhikodePlaneCrash was received. From the locals who first turned up at the scene to the doctors, so many heroes were there that night. Link -

    13. And there's also this beautiful story about best friends reuniting. Yes this happened in 2020!

    I had a best friend when I was 4 but we lost touch after nursery. Years later, I tried looking for her but remembered her name incorrectly. Yesterday, a friend texted and I found out we were in the same preschool. She knew the girl I was searching for. Suhana mil gayi!

    14. And finally, this adorable kid who simply wanted you to s̶a̶b̶a̶c̶a̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ ̶s̶a̶r̶a̶c̶a̶r̶i̶b̶e̶ subscribe to his channel.

    I want to SUBSCRIBE his YouTube channel 😂

    Go subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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