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    Here Are Some Moments Of Incredible Humanity That Indians Have Shown During These Terrible Times

    Wholesome content ahead!

    2020 has perhaps been the most difficult year that the world has ever witnessed. The overabundance of bad news has only had a negative impact on our mental health. However, despite the terrible circumstances, there were certain moments that helped usher in some joy into the lives of Indians and restore our faith in humanity. Here are some of the most heart-warming ones:

    1. When Twitter saw this heartbreaking video of Delhi's Kanta Prasad, who was struggling to make ends meet with his food joint called "Baba Ka Dhaba", and his life changed overnight when love and support started pouring in for him.

    This video completely broke my heart. Dilli waalon please please go eat at बाबा का ढाबा in Malviya Nagar if you get a chance 😢💔 #SupportLocal

    Owing to the power of social media, the food stall was flooded with customers the next day, so much so, that all the items on the menu were sold out before noon.

    Baba may not have to worry about customers now. His has become quite a landmark in Malviya Nagar.

    "Baba Ka Dhaba" also earned a listing on one of the most popular food delivery services in India.

    UPDATE: baba ka dhaba is now listed on zomato and our team is working with the elderly couple there to enable food deliveries thank you to the good people of the internet for bringing our attention to this ❤️

    Faith in humanity restored.

    Sometimes the internet can be a beautiful place. ❤️

    2. When this doctor decided to help save the life of a critical COVID-19 patient, despite being on oxygen support himself.

    Unbelievable commitment. On oxygen support himself for Covid-19, anaesthetist Dr Sanket Mehta went back to work just to save the life of an elderly patient. Absolute hero!

    There's more good news here — the braveheart is getting better!

    With God's grace & support of you all,Dr sanket Mehta,on path to recovery after he put self in danger to save elderly pt of COVID.

    3. When the city of Kozhikode witnessed a devastating plane crash and several people from the neighbouring areas helped in the evacuation of the passengers despite the torrential rainfall and the fear of a deadly virus.

    Medical staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) equipment prepare to carry the body of a victim inside the medical college where Air India Express jet crash victims are taken for the post-mortem examination in Kozhikode, Kerala
    Arunchandra Bose / Getty Images

    Moreover, the preparedness of the hospital staff treating the survivors of this tragedy was downright exemplary.

    The experience of a young doctor I know about how prepared everyone was in hospitals the moment news of the #KozhikodePlaneCrash was received. From the locals who first turned up at the scene to the doctors, so many heroes were there that night. Link -

    4. You might remember the deeply upsetting story of this vegetable vendor from Mumbai's Bhendi Bazaar, who opened his shop for the first time since the lockdown, only to have it shut because of the flooding.

    A man cries on the street while it rains
    Sachin Haralkar / Mumbai Mirror / Via

    Well, the city of Mumbai, with its big hearted-people, came to his aid and helped him become debt-free!

    Good news. He has two lakhs in his account & can pay off debts. Thank you @MumbaiMirror for highlighting this story🙏

    5. This baby was born on an airplane and the crew members gave him the warmest welcome.

    A baby boy was born on board Indigo flight from Delhi to Bangalore today. In all likely baby is getting life long free @IndiGo6E free ticket. Great work by Indigo crew today. Kudos to the team @IndiaToday

    I am not crying, you're crying!

    @MishtiMP @nagarjund @IndiGo6E @IndiaToday Welcome to that lucky mother.. 😊

    6. These doctors decided to celebrate the birthday of a COVID positive woman in order to make her feel at home.

    #Watch Doctors and nurses of AMRI hospital celebrates the 60th birthday of a #COVID positive patient inside the COVID 19 unit at AMRI Hospital Salt Lake on Tuesday, as part of the steps to ensure they feel comfortable even when away from home and family

    7. Owing to the lack of access to online classes, this teacher came up with an innovative form of learning so that his students could continue to have an education, despite the pandemic.

    In one village in Jharkhand, a teacher came up with a novel idea of open classroom in the pandemic era underlining social distancing. Here teacher talks with the hand speaker.

    8. And these engineers went out of their way to ensure that the children of their village do not fall behind on their daily lessons.

    #Positivenews A group of civil service aspirants, all engineers, has decided to pay forward the help they have received from seniors by teaching the children of their village, Thondaiman Oorani, in Pudukkottai, who cannot access online classes.

    9. When this farmer took to Twitter to talk about his crop and investment going to waste because of the lack of buyers...

    My cabbage in 3.5 acres are not able to harvest due to lockdown and crashing prices in TN border of KA. I have invested more than rs. 4lakhs. Can any corporate house extend a helping hand by buying from me at cost & ca distribute to poor& needy @RNTata2000 @anandmahindra

    ...and support immediately poured in from individuals and start-ups, thereby saving his efforts from going down the drain.

    I tweeted on 18th April seeking help to harvest my100 tons of cabbage in 3.5 acres.@WayCoolFoods immediately responded and bought 8mt tons. Today last harvest of 10mt tons done for them. My hearty appreciation & thanks to them I Look forward to do business with @WayCoolFoods ❣️

    10. And finally, when Ngurang Meena set up a 'self-help library' to help the children of her state develop good reading habits.

    Power of words can change the world. Meet 30yrs old #NgurangMeena from #ArunachalPradesh’s Nirjuli. She has set up a #SelfHelp roadside #library to encourage a love for #reading, improve written & verbal communication skills in youth. She herself invested Rs 20,000 for this.