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    38 Tweets About Acne That Will Make You Laugh And Then Wash Your Face

    "At least wearing a mask covers up the acne I’ve gotten from wearing a mask"



    Is wearing a mask everyday at work giving you acne or do you have normal skin?


    At least wearing a mask covers up the acne I’ve gotten from wearing a mask


    getting acne is so much worse when u know it’s the government’s fault


    To be fair, the skin in between my pimples is -G L O W I N G-


    can we find a better word for zits and pimples then zit and pimple like it already is bad enough. how about peepy or something something cute that doesn’t sound like pizza face Thanks


    Tomorrow is my birthday, and according to the giant zit on my forehead, I'll be turning 15.


    nice that my face is the same as it was when it was six except i have acne now that is super cool i like it a lot


    i still have acne, which means i’m still going through puberty, so if i ever act moody that’s why <3


    a little boy just looked at me and said "ur pretty even though u have that" and pointed at my pimple romance isn't dead


    adult acne is cool because i ran into an old friend from middle school who said i look exactly the same!!


    A zit in a wrinkle? Looks like I CAN have it all.


    me: thank God for clear ski- my skin: lol give it a rest buddy here’s 3 more pimples


    sis wants clear skin and no eye bags but sleeps at 4am😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂I am sis, sis is me😂😂😂😂😂😂


    Did I break out bc I wore makeup or because I used a new makeup remover or because I’m gonna be on my period in a week or bc I’ve been eating or bc I’m sad or bc I’m stressed ? Which is it


    me: why do I have pimples omg wtf God hates meeee also me: *doesn't wash pillow weekly willingly dehydrates self daily doesn't have a skincare routine eats like shit*


    idk why i have acne is it the poor diet or the crippling anxiety or the extreme stress i put myself under at all times or the unfortunate genetics who knows


    me trying to get rid of my pimples w/ expensive products that don't work when I should just eat better and exercise and stop drinking daily


    I don’t need cystic acne to give me a heads up every time my period is coming. It’s been 16 years, I know when it’s coming.


    don’t ya love it when ur super stressed and ur body is like LOL heres ur period and a few pimples to deal with as well ur welcome


    pms: it’s almost go time. hormonal acne:


    Special shout out to the 4 pimples on my face. One would've been easy. Two? Child's play. Three? A laugh. But four?? Four: a true disaster.


    My siblings may have gotten the looks, smarts and social skills but I got all the anxiety and acne


    My hormonal breakouts popping up every month unwelcome, just when I think I got my skin on lock


    my acne after i do a face mask


    *drinks water, changes diet, buys 1,000 acne products, gets facials* My acne:


    Me: “Wow my skin has actually been so clear lately” Acne:


    skin care twitter when u ask them how to clear acne


    What Twitter dermatologists think drinking water does to cystic acne


    i cant believe the universe pointed to me and said “ok now lets give HER back acne”


    if acne wasn't a thing i would probably have most of my life together


    yes i have acne a- shit c- just n- doesn’t e- clear up bro i’m really trying


    So am I gunna have acne til I’m 80 or will it stop around 70


    do i have permission to whoop my acne’s ass?


    Acne is normal. Breaking out is normal. Just because someone doesn't have a clear smooth skin doesn't mean they didn't take care of their face. Healing. Takes. Time.


    99% of people with acne actually take amazing care of their skin and have tried everything. So don’t tell us to “wash my face with soap and drink water!” Bitch.


    i hate when people who have literally never had acne give out their skincare routine like LOL ur helping no one 😂😂😂😂😂😳😔✋✋


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