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29 Photos That Prove That Indians Have Zero Fucks To Give

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1. When we gave no fucks and came up with this abomination in the name of food:

Malayalis of the world, rise in rage!

2. Followed by this abomination:

3. When we decided to do whatever the fuck we want:

An example of how Incredible India really is. For millennia we have known how to harness the power of mind over matter. Veg, Non-Veg, what’s the difference? It’s all in the mind...😄

4. Whoever came up with this rule:

A busy airport in india and a sign in the terminal reads eating carpet strictly prohibited

And whoever did the thing that made someone come up with this rule.

5. And whoever decided to serve their food with "feelings":

a menu with an item called cheese spinach roll which is described as spinach and cheese wrapped into a dramatic pocket served with feelings

6. Whatever is happening here:

7. When someone *ame up with this life ha*k:

#OnlyInIndia will you now find #HineseFood from #HinaTown!

8. And when these individuals asked these questions:

9. This instance when Indians gave a fuck but the cow seemingly didn't:

a massive water tanker in india upon which stands a cow while a crowd looks on

10. Whoever decided this was okay:

11. When we asked spell check to kindly get the fuck out:

Only in India. #food #menu #funny #Sandwich #funnyshit #hilarious #comedy #crazy #lol #haha #foodmenu

12. And when we produced this other impossible to fathom signage:

13. This irony that nobody gave two fucks about:

14. And these folks who don't give fucks about rules:

Texas showdown, Indian No Parking area... #OnlyInIndia

"mah lyf mah rulz"

15. When we didn't give a care in the world about this deception:

16. When this establishment had no time for nonsense:

17. When this brand evidently forgot to give fucks:

18. And this other brand did not give a shit about giving fucks:

19. ???????

Hilarious sign board at a local eatery #FunnyIndia #Kasauli #IndiaTravels

20. I don't even know what's happening here:

21. Can you see the person on the left? Because I can't:

a man guards his kashmiri kulfi stand that apparently is endorsed by popular wrestlers such as john cena

22. This guy who gave zero fucks about social distancing...or privacy:

23. When we did not care to ask the elephant about its clothing choices:

24. Fuck trains. We have boats.

a man sails on a canoe on waterlogged railway tracks

25. This warning:

26. And this friendly warning:

27. This other friendly warning:

a warning that asks people to make sure that their shoes are not stolen by someone

28. This incredibly helpful warning:

29. And this auto-rickshaw driver who only gave fucks about putting a smile on your face: