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    Here Are 21 Of The Funniest Memes About Katrina Kaif And Vicky Kaushal's Wedding

    I'm pretty sure they'd laugh at these as well.

    Well, unless you've been living under a rock, all that the Indian internet is currently talking about is the reported wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal, which is to take place on the 9th of December, 2021, in Rajasthan. News of EXTREMELY strict security around the wedding ~obviously~ gave birth to memes that are making us cackle. So here are some of the best ones!

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    Security guard at Vicky Kaushal and Katrina's wedding.

    Twitter: @Cringeshwari


    Twitter: @omgs_tweets


    Twitter: @TheAhmedShariff


    Guests going to attend Vicky Katrina wedding be like …. #KatrinaVickywedding #KatrinaKaif #VickyKatrinaWedding

    Twitter: @Yashikaa_Tomar


    An uninvited guest trying to enter the Vicky Kaushal - Katrina Kaif wedding ceremony..

    Twitter: @coolfunnytshirt


    Guard to Guests before leaving Katrina Vicky wedding:

    Twitter: @RomanaRaza


    Only thing left in #VickyKatrinaWedding is that , Saadi ke baad guest ki memory erase kar di jaaye !

    Twitter: @sumitsaurabh


    All guests at vicky katrina wedding will have to donate their eyes before leaving so they can't see a better wedding in future. 🙏

    Twitter: @The_Sleigher


    will you be allowed to go back home after attending the vicky-katrina wedding????

    Twitter: @IyerAvin


    Guests after attending Vicky-Katrina wedding

    Twitter: @Bobbywood_


    The only thing left to hear for Vicky Katrina wedding is that shaadi ke baad mandap banane walo ke haath kaat diye jaenge.

    Twitter: @AbijitG


    Secret codes, drones to be shot down? ye shaadi karre hain ya URI 2 ke liye surgical strike pe jaare hain?

    Twitter: @Sahilarioussss


    Media sending their journalists to cover Vicky-Katrina wedding

    Twitter: @BollywoodMemers


    Journalist after getting one pic of Vicky, Katrina wedding

    Twitter: @swatic12


    Viral Bhaiyani after taking the exclusive sneak peek inside Vicky & Katrina's wedding

    Twitter: @iamBawaal


    Heard that even pandit ji is not allowed at Vicky Katrina wedding due to security reasons.

    Twitter: @Trendulkar


    Shahi paneer will be given to people after checking their Adhaar card and Naan only once they show their double vaccinated certificate. #VickyKatrinaWedding

    Twitter: @guptautkarsh5


    Dinner plates in the vicky kaushal - katrina kaif wedding may have biometric scanner in it so that one person cannot touch more than one plate.

    Twitter: @coolfunnytshirt


    All data from Vicky Katrina wedding will be stored on an immutable blockchain database with the help of cryptographic hashing.

    Twitter: @Trendulkar


    wedding so private, katrina and vicky might not even go

    Twitter: @Sahilarioussss


    Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan & Sohail Khan on their way to gatecrash Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif's wedding. #VickyKatrinaWedding

    Twitter: @aditya_mantry