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    This PSA Is For Uncles And Aunties Who Wear Their Face Mask Under Their Nose

    IDK who needs to hear this but the mask goes over your nose.

    Hi there! If you have an uncle or an aunty who wears their face mask like this, you need to sit them down and have a conversation with them.

    young man wearing medical mask below nose - concept showing of improper way of using face masks during coronavirus or covid-19 crisis

    Or if YOU think that it's okay to wear a face mask like this, then, my friend, we need to talk.

    concept showing of improper way of using face masks during coronavirus or covid-19 crisis - young man wearing medical at neck on isolated background

    We need to have a l̶u̶n̶g̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶l̶u̶n̶g̶ heart-to-heart right now.

    Collage of young man in improper way of using medical face masks - Awareness concept to ware mask, to protect from coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic

    A face mask is worn to reduce potential exposure risk from a person infected with COVID-19. It is not an anti-aging mask that gives you a face lift.

    A model wearing a face slimming mask

    A face mask is used to prevent onward transmission when worn by a person infected with the virus that has killed as many as 12,13,600 people, so far. It is not a double chin reducer.

    A model wearing a face slimming mask

    Face masks are supposed to be worn properly as they are a part of a larger "Do it all" approach. This includes — among other things — social distancing, avoiding crowded places, and washing your hands. They are not contraptions that will give you a "small V face".

    A model wearing a stress reducing contraption

    A face mask is worn properly only when it goes over your nose and mouth and is secure under your chin. It is not a fashionable fabric choker.

    A model wears a fabric necklace

    It should snugly fit against the sides of your face because it is a personal protective equipment and not a stylish earring made out of cloth.

    A model wears a long fabric earring

    If you know someone who still refuses to listen to facts, they might as well go ahead and wear a face "mask" that looks like this and join 4,74,00,000 people who have been infected with COVID-19.

    A model wears a useless fishnet mask

    Or why wear a mask at all in the first place?

    Because well...

    A meme about wearing face masks and underwear the wrong way

    If nothing else works, watch this goodest doggo illustrate the correct way of wearing a face mask.

    A cute dog demonstrates the wrong and right ways to wear a mask