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    21 Indian Food Quizzes That Are Perfect When Just Want To Do Timepass

    Come do timepass!

    Hey hey hey! This is not a quiz! This is a compilation of BuzzFeed India's most popular food quizzes to keep you entertained and distract you from all the chaos. I hope you have fun taking them!

    1. Don't Freak Out, But This Overrated/Underrated Indian Food Quiz Will Reveal Your Exact Age

    A collage of a bowl of vindaloo and some matar paneer

    2. If You Can't Identify Over 15 Of These Indian Spices, You Probably Don't Know How To Cook

    A collage of some indian spices like red chilli powder, cardamon, and garam masala and a blackboard asking people 'how many of these can you identify?'

    3. If You've Eaten 17/25 Of These Dishes, You're Obsessed With Aloo

    A collage of some aloo paratha and vada pav

    4. Choose Either Chewy Or Crunchy Indian Foods And We'll Accurately Guess Your Age

    A collage of some naans and some banana chips

    5. This Indian Food Test Will Reveal Which Country You Should Actually Live In

    A collage of a plate of pav bhaji and the tower bridge in London

    6. If You Like At Least 17/20 Of These Indian Foods, You’re A Real Adult

    A collage of a bowl of salad and a bowl of upma

    7. How Indian Are Your Tastebuds?

    A collage of a bowl of fish curry and some rajma chawal

    8. We Know Whether You Belong In Kolkata Or Bengaluru Based On Your Food Choices

    A collage of kolkata's phuchka and bengaluru's dosa

    9. How Many Indian Breakfasts Have You Tried?

    A collage of poga and gobi paratha

    10. This Sweet, Salty, And Spicy Indian Food Quiz Will Reveal What Zodiac Sign You Truly Embody

    A collage of some gobi parathas and some gulab jamuns

    11. We'll Guess How Old You Act Based On Your Indian Food Preferences

    A collage of a bowl of butter chicken and some lemon rice

    12. How Much Do You Know About Indian Desserts?

    A collage of some jalebis and some besan laddoos

    13. Say "Yum" Or "Yuck" To These 20 Indian Foods And We'll Guess The Age Of Your Tastebuds

    A collage of a bowl of curd rice and a bowl of karela ki sabzi

    14. Can We Guess If You're A Millennial Or A Gen Z'er Based On The Fried Indian Foods You Pick?

    A collage of chole bhature and break pakora

    15. Can We Guess If You're An Introvert, Extrovert, Or Ambivert Based On Your Sweet Vs. Savoury Indian Food Choices?

    A collage of some cham chams and some murukkus

    16. Your Stance On These 15 Indian Ice Cream Flavours Will Reveal Your Age With 99.9% Accuracy

    A collage of a bowl of masala chai kulfi and a scoop of alphonso mango ice cream

    17. Plan A Day Of Eating And We'll Tell You Which Indian City You Should Live In

    A collage of some pongal along with a colourful temple facade in chennai

    18. Is Your Taste In Indian Food More Sweet, Savoury, Or Somewhere In The Middle?

    A collage of some khandvi and some jalebis

    19. If You Can't Identify Over 12 Of These Green Vegetables, You're A Fussy Eater

    A collage of some sem, karela and tinda

    20. You Live For Spicy Food If You've Tried 20/26 Of These Desi Dishes

    A collage of some misal and a bowl of chicken chettinad

    21. Are You More Delhi Or Mumbai When It Comes To Food?

    A collage of delhi's iconic daulat ki chaat and mumbai's vada pav