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    20 Of The Goodest Boys And Girls Who Made People Smile In 2020

    Warning: Extremely cute content ahead!

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    1. This model in the making.

    2. This early riser.

    3. This precious pup with the most adorable eyes.

    This is Chip. He’s a little self-conscious about his paw wrinkles, but each roll tells a story. 12/10 would listen to them all

    4. This furry beauty.

    5. And this smol cutie.

    1 in the morning. We found her sitting like this, beside her food bowl.

    6. This "Baby Shark" impersonator.

    7. This dawg who was simply rollin'.

    And this one has decided it’s time to take the wheel in his own able paws.

    8. This enthusiastic pupper.

    My hospital hired an employee whose only job is to go around saying hi to other employees while they work

    9. And this disappointed one.

    10. These socially distanced pups.

    Rules are rules. Social distancing and temperature checks are mandatory for everyone.

    11. These "Men In Bork".

    12. And a very "pupset" Teddy.

    This is Teddy. You were supposed to leave some dirty plates for him to lick. How could you forget. 12/10 very pupset with you

    13. This comfy little ball of fur.

    14. This cuter version of Gordon Ramsay.

    15. These tiny dancers you really wanted to hold closer.

    16. This masked cutie.

    My mom made my dog a mask 🥺💀

    17. This sweetie who definitely made you laugh.

    18. These adorable little floofers who probably made you tear up a little.

    19. And these *very good dogs* who made you go "awwwww".

    20. And finally, Dodger <3

    “I’ve been watching you sleep for the last hour trying to organize my thoughts. I’m not sure how to say this so I’m just gonna come right out with it. Why the f*ck do we never go to the dog park anymore??? Also wake the hell up, I’m starving”

    21. Here's a bonus one because 2021:

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