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    Indian Kids Born Before The Year 2000 — This Entire List Is Your Childhood

    Let's travel back in time!

    1. You know in your heart that she was the real queen of pop.

    The India Today Group / The India Today Group via Getty

    2. And you can still hear her melodious voice playing out of this.

    A 90s walkman and headphones

    3. Eminem who? You can say with confidence that this guy was the GOAT!

    Hindustan Times / Getty Images

    4. You still take pride in your mammoth cassette collection.

    5. Watching the antics of this amazing r̶o̶b̶o̶t̶ girl was one of your favourite things to do after school.

    Metromedia Video Productions

    6. You grew up chanting "Hip Hip Hurray!" because of this show.

    Ronnie Screwvala / Zee TV

    7. You loved this family to bits.

    Balaji Telefilms / Zee TV

    Including the adorable spirit in the photo frame.

    8. You will forever be in love with the song that is associated with this image.

    A hot milind soman in the music video for made in india
    Sony Music India

    9. You drank several cups of Complan so that you could be as cool (and tall) as these kids.

    Shahid kapoor and ayesha takia in a complan ad

    10. And you remember unleashing your inner Picasso by drawing a "scenery" that also featured these "birds".

    11. You knew that the coolest kids in your class had this geometry box.

    12. You remember the thrill that was associated with being sent out of class as a form of punishment.


    13. This is what your pencils looked like after several hours of day-dreaming during class.

    Eraser on pencil that has been chewed upon
    Getty Images

    14. Everyone knew that their love life was basically at the mercy of this game.

    Sundaresan Sekar / Via

    15. And this was the best game to play during those boring free periods.

    Fighting Off Frumpy / Via

    16. You knew that this was more of a weapon than an instrument of measurement.

    17. And this lie never failed to annoy the crap out of you.

    18. If you were one of those students who wasn't at the mercy of chalks before PT period, you'd remember polishing your shoes with this.

    A shoe whitener

    19. You can still smell the inside of this pencil box.

    A 90s pencil box

    20. You looked forward to birthday parties because you could help yourself to several glasses of these.

    Found this on FB and brought it here so all 30 year olds can feel sad

    21. And "Pepsi Colas" were your go-to after-school treats.

    A tub full of pepsicola candies

    22. You'll never forget just how good ice-cream tasted when it was inside containers such as these.

    My Childhood Memories / Via Facebook: MyChMemories

    23. You can still taste these "cigarettes".

    Popular phantom sweet cigarette candies

    24. You bought several packets of Cheetos only in order to collect these.

    25. You still remember Children's Day and being handed a pack of this along with a box full of treats like fruit cake, laddoo, and samosa.

    Frooti, a nostalgic mango drink for indians
    Parle Agro

    26. You know that this was the real "Scam 1990s".

    Only 90s kids will remember this scam in the name of calcium

    27. Forget the fancy iPhones that kids have these days. This is what your first phone probably looked like.

    An old nokia handset

    28. Did you giggle upon seeing the logo of Fashion TV in this image?

    Do you Remember the Original logos of these TV channels..#90skid

    29. And finally, this picture is probably making you wish you could turn back the hands of time.

    Remember This Game? #ChildhoodMemories #90sMemories #Nostalgia #Childhood #90skid

    I don't blame you. I wish I could do the same!

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