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    49 Posts That Prove That Indians Have Completely Run Out Of Fucks To Give

    We're constantly running out of fucks to give.

    1. This hack.

    2. This display of swag.

    3. And these rules that absolutely cannot be broken.

    4. Our favourite treats — "Kickers" and "Suckers".

    5. This display of our wisdom.

    6. And this example of how we always stick to the point.

    7. This instance of Indians roasting the hell out of kids.

    8. And our healthy eating and drinking choices.

    9. This elaborate and strict policy.

    10. This level of coolness that can't possibly be matched.

    11. This important advice that's only meant for others. Not us.

    Ah yes from funny

    12. This instance of law enforcement having to force us to give fucks, in rather "grim" ways.

    13. These monkeys who've got no chill.

    14. This example of clickbait.

    15. This other clickbait.

    16. And this example of delivering what we promised.

    17. This mom who's having to remind her daughter to chill.

    18. This 420 percent helpful advice.

    19. This human CCTV camera.

    20. This example of how amazing our sense of humour is.

    21. This brand that had zero chill.

    22. And this person who didn't quite get the memo.

    23. This example of passive-aggressiveness.

    24. This display of our dancing skills.

    25. These friendly warning signs. 

    26. This thoroughly engaging plotline.

    27. This important warning.

    28. This instance of Indians having way too much chill.

    29. And this "sanitised beating" that some Indians are about to receive.

    30. Please say no to "brides".

    31. Sleep > Everything else.

    32. This mild insult.

    33. And this.

    34. This example of practicing what you preach.

    35. This guy who gave zero fucks about social distancing...or privacy.

    36. This guy who is living in 3021.

    37. This establishment that really didn't enjoy Finding Nemo.

    38. These proud (and adorable) Indian parents.

    39. This error that we didn't really bother about.

    40. This example of great customer service.

    41. This example of how Indian weddings are so full of c̶h̶a̶i̶r̶ cheer.

    42. Watch out for airborne pakoras.

    43. This teacher who honestly deserves a raise.

    44. These guys.

    45. This instance of being upfront.

    46. These err... interesting questions.

    47. This declaration.

    48. These buffaloes who've got zero chill.

    49. And this TV show that simply ran out of fucks.