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    I Need You To Stop What You're Doing Immediately And Look At These 38 Super-Interesting Photos

    So apparently someone has a plant growing out of their carpet!?!?!?

    1. This toilet paper that probably has charcoal in it.

    2. Let's just call them sliders?

    3. These "vegan" sweets that might just have milk in them.

    4. Rain: "I am going to fuck this one place in particular".

    5. Jupitortilla.

    6. This would probably be the most effective fence ever.

    7. Is that...really...a statue?

    8. This van with a sense of humour.

    9. Kiwi-ception.

    10. Apple-ception.

    11. How do you like your eggs? Poached, fried, scrambled, or bloody?

    12. These are the cutest containers I've ever seen.

    13. This microwave is about to cause chaos.

    14. This would certainly cause chaos.

    15. This tire will always be warm and cosy.

    16. Hope this helps someone who is trying to quit smoking.

    17. Wouldn't this simply be a chair?

    18. This saffron mountain.

    19. And this proof of God's existence.

    20. These extremely "useful" air conditioners.

    21. Truer words have never been written.

    22. Looks like a sneak peek of the new Mission: Impossible movie.

    23. Proof that cats own us and not the other way round.

    24. This Slender-Snowman.

    25. Well, looks like the porch pirates would know now.

    26. Life always finds a way.

    27. So I've been pouring juice wrong my whole life?

    28. PREDATOR!

    29. 459 mangoes!

    30. This bottle of Dijon mustard.

    31. All squirts of shaving gels should look like this, tbh.

    32. This is adorable!

    33. Oh, to have a separate sink for throwing up!

    34. I wish we had these double yolkers in my country.

    35. I feel bad for the children.