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    30 Pictures That Are Just Pretty Darn Interesting

    Some of these really blew my mind!

    1. This toothpaste that's doing God's work:

    2. This...umm...bloody apple?

    3. Looks like a live-action Frozen 3 is in production:

    4. This incredibly satisfying coincidence:

    5. This instance of attention to detail:

    6. Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

    7. This neighbour who's just living his life:

    8. This jar of pickles that's more than 30 years old:

    9. The way this building is being constructed:

    10. The best thing about fast food restaurants in most European countries is that they serve beer:

    11. "Guess who I ran into today!?"

    12. Sainsbury's now lets you decide when something has gone bad:

    13. Imagine finding a defibrillator inside a phone booth:

    14. This unexpected piece of art:

    15. This pretty unexpected discovery:

    16. This other surprising discovery:

    17. And this other...err...pleasant discovery:

    18. This adorable cat-bunny:

    19. This dehumidifier that'd make all WALL-E fans very happy:

    20. This theft-prevention measure (which I don't think would really work):

    21. This tree that's certainly guarding a well-kept secret:

    22. This centuries-old Bible:

    23. This infection that looks interesting but is quite terrible:

    24. This incredibly cool occurrence:

    25. This good girl who looks like she's not being a very good girl:

    26. This Halloween-y lobster:

    27. This vending machine that not only delivers healthy meals but is also quite aesthetically pleasing:

    28. This black widow spider that looks like it's made out of metal:

    29. This door hinge that makes Bob Dylan look like a bit of a rolling stone:

    30. And this deer that, honestly, has a lot of talent: