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    28 Simple Pleasures Indians Will Probably Never Experience Again

    You woke up in the morning to watch Disney Hour for the last time, without realising it.

    1. Listened to Anaida, Colonial Cousins, and Shweta Shetty on your Walkman, one last time.

    A picture of a 90s Sony walkman along with an image of an Indian pop star named Anaida. / Sony Music India

    2. Bought an audio cassette from one of these shops, one last time.

    An image of a record store in India.
    Just Dial / Via

    Or a CD!

    3. Danced, with reckless abandon, to Falguni Pathak's Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi, one last time.

    Universal Music India / Sumedha Bharpilania

    You knew every step like the back of your hand, didn't you?

    4. Bought a couple of Tinkle Digests and Archie Comics from a roadside bookseller, without realising that it would be the last time.

    Image of a road-side book stall in India along with a photo of Tinkle Digest, a popular Indian comic book.
    Anuruddha Lokuhapuarachchi / Reuters / Sumedha Bharpilania

    5. Watched Doordarshan on a device that looked like this, without knowing that it would become history.

    6. Or spent an entire afternoon reading about the adventures of Chacha Chaudhary and Pinki, one final time.

    Popular Indian comic books named Chacha Chaudhary and Pinki.

    7. Watched Hip Hip Hurray and Just Mohabbat without realising that they'd only remain in your memories!

    Images of school students and a teenage kid from the television shows Hip Hip Hurray and Just Mohabbat, respectively.
    Ronnie Screwvala / Zee TV/ DJ's a Creative Unit

    8. Or experienced magic in the form of Shaka Laka Boom Boom and Son Pari for the final time.

    The lead actor of Shaka Laka Boom Boom holds his magic pencil while the protagonist of Son Pari looks dejected.
    UTV / Star Plus / Taurus video

    9. Sang along to the tunes of Close-Up Antakshari and answered all the questions on Bournvita Quiz Contest, without even fathoming that you'd never get to do that again.

    Images of the hosts of Close-Up Antakshari and Bournvita Quiz Contest.
    Zee Tv

    10. Inspired by the Dhara kid, you plotted to leave the house so that you could also be treated with jalebis.

    Image of a small child from an Indian commercial for Dhara Oil.

    Without knowing that you could never fool your parents, ever again!

    11. Woke up in the morning to watch Disney Hour for the last time.

    Image of Disney Hour and Chip and Dale.

    Remember Ducktales?

    12. Admit it: You also watched the show because you had a teeny-tiny crush on this guy.

    13. Watched these gems on Cartoon Network, one final time.

    Image of Swat Kats and Powerpuff Girls from Cartoon Network
    Cartoon Network India / WarnerMedia

    Bade Meow Chote Meow FTW!

    14. And laughed at Pingu's antics after learning some cool art from this guy, for perhaps the last time.

    Image of Pingu and Rob from M.A.D on Pogo.
    Pogo / Turner International India

    15. Visited your school's computer lab to learn the fundamentals of Logo and BASIC, for the final time.

    Students in a computer lab.

    Did we ever use these computer programmes outside of our classes?

    16. Bought a geometry box and a fountain pen, one last time.

    Image of a geometry box and fountain pens. / Pinterest

    17. Went to the school playground during recess to play chain-chain and hopscotch.

    Image of kids in a school playground along with an image of the game of hopscotch.
    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Via Getty Images / Pinterest

    And never did it again.

    18. Or played FLAMES and Name, Place, Animal, Thing without worrying about never playing them again.

    Image of Name, Place, Animal, Thing and FLAMES.
    Reddit / Pinterest

    19. Did this before school for the last time ever.

    Image of people covering their school books with brown paper.

    20. Or attended your school's Scholastic Book Fair and bought a dozen books, for the final time.

    Image of a Scholastic Book Fair in an Indian school.

    21. Pretended to be cool while 'smoking' some Phantom Sweet Cigarettes and munched on countless packets of Hippo.

    Image of Phantom Sweet Cigarettes candy and Hippo baked chips.
    Harnik / Parle Agro

    Only to never consume them in the same way again.

    22. And bought countless packets of Lay's chips only to collect these.

    Image of several colourful tazos.

    And then you forgot about your tazos, forever!

    23. Heard the dial-up internet tone one last time.

    View this video on YouTube

    This was music to your ears, wasn't it?

    24. Thought you found love in a Yahoo Chat Room without the bitter truth dawning upon you.

    Image of a Yahoo Chat Room.
    Amit Bhawani Blog / Via

    Remember chatting with Kool_Rahul_1990, knowing that he was the one for you, only to have your conversation interrupted by your mum picking up the phone to call your aunt?

    25. Called your crush late at night using a Nokia 1100, after Irrfan Khan convinced you to get 'Hutch ka chota recharge'.

    Image of a Nokia Phone and Irrfan Khan, an Indian actor. /

    And that was it. You never did these things again. You only text your crush now.

    26. Watched your parents drive this car and had your heart broken when they sold it for an upgrade.

    27. Watched this iconic moment in Indian cricket, only to never see something as euphoric, ever again.

    Image of Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian cricket captain, celebrating a win with his teammates.

    28. And celebrated the win of this guy while knowing in your heart that the other guy deserved to become the Indian Idol.

    Image of Amit Sana and Abhijeet Sawant, both contestants on Indian Idol.
    Sony Entertainment Television / Miditech Pvt. Ltd.

    And never felt this strongly about the outcome of a reality show, ever again.

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