27 Things That Will Unlock Core Memories For Every 90s And 00s Indian Kid

    Remember "surprise tests"?

    1. Remember the time when music used to be good?

    2. Like...really good?

    3. Really, really good!

    4. In case you're still not convinced, I have more examples to share.

    5. Here's yet another exhibit.

    6. And remember the sweet innocence that accompanied this confidence?

    7. Speaking of innocence, I wish to go back to the time when I thought reality shows were "real".

    8. Is it just me or do you also miss this family to bits?

    9. Nothing, I repeat, nothing could ever beat Disney Channel's golden era.

    10. Oh and our collective crushes on these guys will probably never go away. Right?

    11. Ah, the sweet sounds of nostalgia.

    12. Remember collecting these?

    13. And being a "Snake" champion?

    14. Kids these days will never experience the actual joy of "turning on" computers.

    15. Remember doing this just for kicks?

    16. And this?

    17. And while we're at it, why exactly did we draw birds this way?

    18. I don't know about you, but I was genuinely terrified of this "kidnapping car".

    19. And I also still remember the absolute fear associated with the words "surprise test".

    20. Were you one of those kids that also fainted during morning assemblies?

    21. I still remember the taste of these.

    22. And I kinda miss using these.

    23. Sorry Marvel Comics, but you've got nothing on Tinkle Digest.

    24. Remember receiving food boxes such as these during Children's Day celebrations in school?

    25. This list would be incomplete without the inclusion of this candy, that helped you acquire the ultimate "cool kid" status.

    26. Our childhood was truly the best!

    27. And I'd give an arm and a leg to go back to those good old days.

    Wouldn't you?