27 Funny Pictures From India That Honestly Made Me Laugh Uncontrollably

    Why have Lay's Chips when you could have "Legs" Chips?

    1. The only pizza franchises that matter.

    2. Have a break have a "Tik Tok."

    3. WhatsApp really seems to have expanded its reach by selling...err...atta.

    4. Oh, and WhatsApp also dabbles in men's wear, while Google and Play Store are fashion giants.

    5. This totally legit depiction of Super Smash Bros.

    6. "Nirinda," "Sprito," and "Cola-Cola." Also legit.

    7. Why have Nescafé when you could have "Nascafeé," "Nescofe," "Newcafé," and "Netcafé"?

    8. This right here is the real multiverse of madness.

    9. This too.

    10. Welcome to "Disney Land", the happiest place in India!

    11. And forget Oreo cookies. Have some "Orio" fried peas instead!

    12. Apple has launched its latest watch exclusively in India.

    13. And here's presenting the iBag, only available in India.

    14. Brb, craving some "Chi-potle".

    15. Can I have a packet of "Legs" please?

    16. Looks like 7 Up and Mountain Dew just had a baby!

    17. My favourite shoe brand, "Naik".

    18. Closely followed by "Adibos".

    19. Forget Ritz. Have some "Hitz".

    20. Well, "A&N" is clearly the superior candy.

    21. "Burger Singh" > Burger King.

    22. And "McDoner" > McDonald's.

    23. Oh and btw, we have several superior variants of KFC in our country. Exhibit 1:

    24. Exhibit 2:

    25. Exhibit 3:

    26. Exhibit 4:

    27. And finally, exhibit 5: