23 Adorable Animals Who Will Make Your Day, Week, Month, And Year

    I'll start — I was having a rough day and curating this post made it better!

    1. Please do not even think of disturbing this cat, who is busy bird-watching.

    2. And this one is obviously busy offering their friend a paw to cry on.

    3. While this one is engrossed in giving hugs to their friend.

    4. But you can always paint this cat like one of your French derps.

    5. Or this doggo.

    6. He is beauty, he is grace...

    7. This one has been caught red-pawed.

    8. Just a li'l derp derping around.

    9. Looks like someone is very particular about being lifted.

    10. I'd honestly visit this grocery store only to watch this cat sleep.


    12. And stop everything you're doing to admire this extra-adorable bunny.

    13. This anteater could end wars with its cuteness.

    14. And this tiny hamster could give the anteater some company.

    15. All dogs must not be allowed, but we are not dogs.

    16. Meanwhile, this cat has ninja hiding skills.

    17. Here's the cat playing Dobby in Harry Potter and the Purrings of the Meows.

    18. Every year, this mama duck brings her babies to this person's house and they help her take care of them. This morning they opened their door to 13 new peeping fluff balls.

    19. Meet Grayce and Goku!

    20. And say hello to these little friends.

    21. And these bros for life.

    22. It’s Merle’s favourite time of the year — brooding time for baby ducks and geese. He loves all his fluffy babies and is always very careful to look out for birds of prey that can swoop down and scoop them up while they are foraging for bugs.

    23. And finally, here's more proof that babies and dogs make the best of friends.


    Note: Responses have been edited for length and / or clarity.