21 Bollywood Memes That Made Me LOL

    If you watch a lot of Hindi movies, these will make you giggle.

    1. This sheer accuracy.

    Twitter: @artbyahbuna

    2. This other sheer accuracy.

    Twitter: @kocharpulkit

    3. This one that actually reminded me of an angry uncle of mine.

    *During Baraat* When you send naraz fufaji in a bus instead of a car

    Twitter: @Imvivek04

    4. This painful childhood memory.

    Calculator watching me going to exam centre with TV remote

    Twitter: @pulkit5Dx

    5. This meme that only true legends will understand.

    Twitter: @SnehaAnnavarapu

    6. This truth.

    Every desi kids after 12th/ Graduation:

    Twitter: @clumsyninja0905

    7. This other technical truth.

    Twitter: @oookaybye

    8. This absolute truth.

    Twitter: @dingdongDungu

    9. This unfortunate reality.

    Twitter: @HaramiParindey

    10. This other reality.

    Brown parents when you tell them that depression is real

    Twitter: @Bobbywood_

    11. This on-point observation.

    Twitter: @SnehaAnnavarapu

    12. This hilarious conversation.

    Twitter: @dancebasantii

    13. This unexpected dig.

    even the subtitle section knows whats up

    Twitter: @paaarth319

    14. This joke that made me snort-laugh.

    Pic 1 : Kiara Advani. Pic 2 : Tiara Advani.

    Twitter: @ButVai

    15. This smart hack.

    Me to sabzi wala after my other bargaining tactics fail:

    Twitter: @sadhvinarula

    16. This tweet, that will make all K3G fans giggle.

    Rahul: *marries a middle class girl from chandini chowk* Yash Raichand:

    Twitter: @Sharmajikaputtr

    17. And so will this meme.

    K3G plot: Jaya Bachchan to Amitabh Bachchan during the whole time.

    Twitter: @gotzerochill

    18. How could I possibly not include this one?

    Masala peeste time mixer grinder ka dhakkan pakde aap

    Twitter: @memewatiDT

    19. Yeh wali meri favourite hai.

    Twitter: @thenighthustler

    20. This one took me a minute.

    Kapoor hokar aisi baatein acchi nahi lagti

    Twitter: @thisisbhumika

    21. And this just...

    Ending of the Indian national anthem

    Twitter: @dashhtweets