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    21 Desi Illustrators You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now

    Talk about an aesthetic feed!

    Since art can be one of the biggest sources of inspiration and distraction, especially during these tough times, here are some desi illustrators who deserve your attention.

    1. Ayush Kalra

    2. Simmi


    4. Malavika

    5. Hanifa Abdul Hameed

    6. Sanghamitra Paul

    7. Sharmistha


    9. Tara Anand

    10. Nikhil Shinde

    11. Sravya

    12. ZenTee

    13. Vidushi Yadav

    14. Srishti Guptaroy

    15. PARAMSahib

    16. Aishr

    17. Namrata Kumar

    18. Osheen Siva

    19. Neethi

    20. Pearl D'Souza

    21. Amogh

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