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20 Photos That Will Simply Restore Your Faith In Humanity

I can't stop smiling!

1. This person managed to clean up an entire park by himself!

2. This woman was nervous about flying, so the flight attendant explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand when it was still too much for her.

3. When their favourite teacher from high school passed away, more than 300 former students, spanning 30 years of graduates, stormed their old school to mourn his loss.

4. Pedro Pascal bought Five Guys for the entire The Last of Us cast.

5. This real badass dad.

6. This strangely kind act.

7. Well, this is what our real heroes deserve.

8. This plumber with a heart of gold.

9. This person needed a new finger but was turned down by their insurance. However, a Redditor decided to build them one by taking an existing design and customising it based on their feedback.

10. This person lost their 15-year-old son and, for the second time since he'd been gone, three of his friends showed up to check on them and brought them these flowers.

11. Here's why libraries are the best:

12. These guys made an earth sandwich!

13. This news made my day and it will brighten up yours as well.

14. This, right here, is the definition of true love.

15. Someone hung woollens on a Christmas tree made of wood so that those who were cold could stay warm.

Here's what the notice says:

16. This sign outside a store window will certainly restore your faith in humanity.

17. Brazilian veterinarians implanted a new top beak for a toucan after it fell victim to animal abuse.

18. This husband of the year!

19. On the inside of this wooden wine case are instructions on how to make a little home for bats.

20. And finally, a man letting a cat drink from his palms when he couldn't find a cup.

Note: Some posts have been edited for clarity.