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    19 Dogs And Cats Who Are Both Super Adorable And Hilarious

    Warning: This post contains an overdose of cuteness.

    1. These not-so-shy puppies.

    2. This cutie, who is convinced that he is a lapdog.

    3. This other cutie, who is busy pretending to fall behind the couch.

    4. And this goodest boy who is doing a very good job at hiding.

    5. This newest addition to the Mission: Impossible cast.

    6. This clingy li'l one.

    7. And these adorable li'l ones.

    8. This beauty asserting their dominance over the other beauty.

    9. This cat, who's probably wondering who that good-looking thing is.

    10. This meow-p.

    11. This accurate recreation of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

    12. This comfy floof.

    13. "Sleepy cats, sleepy cats, what are they feeding you?"

    14. This good boy, who's probably not being a very good boy.

    15. Meowhammad Ali.

    16. Revenge has been exacted.

    17. Cromch!

    18. Freddie Meowrcury singing, "Mamaaaaa, just killed a man...with my cuteness".

    19. And finally, SEND HELP!

    H/T: r/FunnyAnimals