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    I Tried 10 Food Items Featured On "Shark Tank India" And Here's Their Review And Rating

    Read this if, like me, you have a Shark Tank hangover!

    Hi, my name is Sumedha and I have a problem — I love Shark Tank India a little too much. Not only do I find the show extremely entertaining, I am a fan because of how educational it has been for someone like me who knows practically nothing about business and entrepreneurship.

    It was while watching the finale episode of the second season that I realised just how many food brands had been featured on the show, and decided to review some of them for work because, why not?

    So, here we go!

    1. Healthy Master — Baked Ragi Chips

    2. The Healthy Binge — Quinoa Crispies and Moringa Jowar Crispies

    3. The Green Snack Co. — Quinoa Puffs

    4. Makino — Nacho Chips

    5. Lil' Goodness — Prebiotic Chocolate

    6. London Bubble Co. — Waffle Chips

    7. Patilkaki — Shankarpali

    8. Gladful — Choco-Chip Protein Cookies

    9. TeaFit — Premium Instant Assorted Unsweetened Tea Premix

    10. VS Mani & Co — Instant Filter Coffee Decoction

    Have you tried (or plan on trying) any of these snacks? Let me know in the comments!

    Oh and if you're a Shark Tank India fan like me and you're sad about the second season wrapping up, here's a fantastic book about the show that'll keep you company until the new season begins. Authored by Prerna Lidhoo and published by Juggernaut Books, "SHARK TANK INDIA : Startup Fundas from the Sharks and Participants" is packed with straight-talking, no-bullshit advice, inspiring stories, and leadership lessons from the Sharks and participants.