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    31 Hilarious Dad Texts That Are Stupidly Awesome

    These Dad Texts are probably the best on the internet.

    1. Honest Tip From Dad

    2. Ever Heard ?

    3. This Dad has good sense of humor

    4. Are you in a meeting ?

    5. Trying to be funny

    6. Here comes the brilliant dad !


    8. Dad who understands girls

    9. Never try to troll your Dad

    10. Dad needs Help

    11. Dad likes it in capital.

    12. Not Always


    14. Maybe he is the Step Father

    15. Siri problem

    16. How does the Turkey smell ?

    17. This Dad thinks too much

    18. Some Before Party Questions

    19. Autocorrect problems

    20. Wrong Message

    21. Drunk Dad

    22. Gay Dad

    23. Wrong Number

    24. What's Up Dad?

    25. Overly Attached Parents

    26. Classic Text From Dad

    27. This Dad's Way Of Saying Wrong Number

    28. Deep Conversation With Dad

    29. Does anyone else text their dad like this ?

    30. This was for Mom , i assume

    31. No one gets what they want.