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14 Signs You’re Really Nailing Life

Even if you've only done one of these things, you qualify. Reward all your hard work with a bottle of heaven from Suja. #itsthejuice

1. You only hit the snooze button once this morning instead of the usual four.

2. You've been drinking a lot of water lately.

3. You weren't even late to work today.

4. And you remembered the name of that person you were just introduced to.

5. You've been burning extra calories by walking everywhere.

6. You've been taking the stairs at work.

7. You've been eating more veggies.

8. And fruit is basically your best friend.

9. You spilled yogurt on yourself and actually cleaned it up right away.

10. You've barely been drinking when you go out.

11. You didn't stalk your ex on social media all week.

12. When there was birthday cake at work, you didn't touch it.

13. You've been getting enough sleep.

14. And you even remembered to make your bed!


Suja believes in finding as much joy in a long run as in a long nap. And when you fall off track, #itsthejuice that'll bring you back.