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14 Signs You’re Really Nailing Life

Even if you've only done one of these things, you qualify. Reward all your hard work with a bottle of heaven from Suja. #itsthejuice

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1. You only hit the snooze button once this morning instead of the usual four. / Via

This is huge.

2. You've been drinking a lot of water lately.

Universal Pictures, StudioCanal / Via

(Coffee contains water.)

3. You weren't even late to work today.

BuzzFeed Yellow /

Not by more than 10 minutes...

4. And you remembered the name of that person you were just introduced to.

It was definitely either Jason or Jake.

5. You've been burning extra calories by walking everywhere. / Via

To the kitchen, for instance! You walk there a lot. That counts.

6. You've been taking the stairs at work. / Via

And not just when the elevator is broken.

7. You've been eating more veggies.

BuzzFeed Creative

The tacos you had last night came with shredded cabbage and guacamole!

8. And fruit is basically your best friend.

20th Century Fox Television / Citytv / Via

Juice is a fruit. Wine is a fruit.

9. You spilled yogurt on yourself and actually cleaned it up right away.

BuzzFeed Creative

Humblebrag: You've been eating yogurt.

10. You've barely been drinking when you go out.

Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures / Via

You'll only have like two drinks... Maximum four.

11. You didn't stalk your ex on social media all week.

Raybert Productions / Via

Not even once! Your friend did while you were looking, but that doesn't count.

12. When there was birthday cake at work, you didn't touch it.

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Via

You're being good so you only had the tiniest piece. Doesn't count.

13. You've been getting enough sleep.

Cash Money, Republic / Via

Naps. All of the naps.

14. And you even remembered to make your bed!

(Once, recently.)


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