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12 Emotions You Feel On Your First Fancy Juice Cleanse

Let’s be optimistic with a healthy dose of realistic… #itsthejuice.

1. Excitement, because you can't wait to tell everyone what you're doing.

2. Happiness, because you are in a relationship with juice now.

3. Annoyance, when someone starts quoting a study that suggests juice cleanses are useless.

4. Obsession, because you are feeling so healthy.

5. Exasperation, when people ask you what you have planned for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Juice, pretty much. But you are so committed to this.

6. Nostalgia, when you remember your old friend coffee, and all the good times you had together.

7. Deep regret, when your friends are going out to a nice restaurant and you can't join them.

8. Panic, when you think about all the things you could be putting in your mouth right now.

9. Self-pity, because you don't know if you can do this anymore.

10. Pride, when you realize that YOU'VE ACTUALLY GOT THIS.

11. You feel defeated and overwhelmed by the end of it, because wow, that was hard.

12. But then you feel pure happiness, because you actually finished something (did you?) and now you get to eat food again! / Via

You can eat all the food and drink all the juice, because you are the king or queen of the world!

Suja believes that healthiness is the root of all happiness. And when life takes you off track, #itsthejuice that’ll bring you back.