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8 Surprising Uses For An Orange

Plain juice is for amateurs. Here are 8 other things you can do with an orange.

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1. Use the peel to cook an egg over a campfire.

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2. Use it as the punchline to a hilarious joke.

3. Fill it up with vodka and sneak it into events where alcohol isn't allowed.

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Note: I do not condone this activity. Some kids I knew did this in 8th grade and got in trouble so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I also realize in the actual video they call it a tangerine even though the video title says orange but you get the gist here, right?

4. Rub the peel on your face to give it a glow.

From everyone's go-to skin care blog, ,a href="">PerfectSkinCareForYou:

Eat your orange. Now, rub the peel directly on your face or anywhere else. Make sure you dig into the skin of the orange peel with your nails to extract its juice and apply it to your face. Keep on rubbing till the skin color of the peel changes into black. Do not wash your face immediately. Wait for 15-30 minutes. Then, wash off your face with cold water. Do not use any cleanser or soap after this application. Your skin will glow and be squeaky clean. And, this also ensures reduction in blemishes and dark spots. But, remember to do this at night as the citric acid makes the skin photosensitive and dry.

5. Make it into a bird feeder.

Full instructions here. / Via

Full instructions here.

6. Make a map of the Earth.

7. Shoot them out of a cannon.

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The action starts at about 1:10.

8. Play float or sink.

Full instructions here. / Via

Full instructions here.

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