Heavy hangs the head that wears the furry little cat ears.

Jack Shepherd • 6 years ago

Good god these creatures are terrifying.

Fact: pretty much anyone will let you stick your fingers in their mouth if you dress the part.

Katie Notopoulos • 6 years ago

Yes, it's called "everything," but that's not really true. These are what's not included.

Katie Notopoulos • 6 years ago

This election's candidates would do well to take a couple hints from Stars Hollow's fast-talking mother-daughter duo.

You can thank Twitter for giving us these quality reasons to take our first world existences for granted.

He was first and foremost "The King" of perspiration.

Maybe now you'll think twice about venturing into this raccoon-filled world.

Peter Walker Kaplan • 6 years ago

Our 42nd Forehead-In-Chief.

Brian Feldman • 6 years ago

Cows are the worst, right? They're just so damn smug. Here are 18 things to scream at a cow to knock it off its high horse.

You'll never look at the fruit the same way again.

Whitney Jefferson • 6 years ago

The former 'N Sync member has a few things to say about living life - or what we think he meant to say. Either way, be inspired.

Baby Praying Mantis • 6 years ago

These numbers are bigger! Than 2!

These beautiful images will restore your faith in what's under your bed.

Plain juice is for amateurs. Here are 8 other things you can do with an orange.