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13 Faces Every Gamer Stuck At "The Hard Part" Understands

Hang in there. We've all faced that one level or boss that seems impossible. It's a gaming rite of passage. In the meantime, at least you've got a delicious snack with Sugar Crisp.

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1. The "What in the Haxorus just happened to me?!?!" face

Tokyo TV / Via

*ponders mortality while reaching into cereal box*

2. The "OK, clearly this is gonna be a lil' bit rough" face

Square Enix / Via

Better go grab more snacks. We could be here awhile.

3. The "What am I doing wrong?" face

Nintendo / Via

"I'm fully powered up, I'm executing my sweetest combo moves, and I'm barely making a dent!"

4. The "We can figure this out!" face

2K Games / Via

Personally, we always think better while snacking.

5. The "Ohhhhhhh, I see how to beat this now" face

Sega / Via

"Where do I even hit this thing? It's gotta be that glowing spot on its forehead."

6. The "Nope, my plan definitely did not work" face

Sony Computer Entertainment / Via

OK, now we're...confused.

7. The "Maybe our buddy knows how to beat this part?" face

Capcom / Via

It takes a lot for a gamer to ask another gamer this, but...pls halp!

8. The "OMG! We're following the walkthrough, and it's STILL NOT WORKING" face

Atlus / Via

Now we're just eating our feelings. Mmm. Our feelings are pretty tasty.

9. The "This has to be a glitch" face

Capcom / Via

We can't with this right now. We just can't.

10. The "It's. right. there!!! We're soooooo close!!" face

Sega / Via

Please let this be it. Please let this nightmare end.

11. The "This is it! I'm finally gonna beat it! No! NO! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" face

wishka / Via

We can't even snack. WE'RE TOO UPSET TO EVEN SNACK!!!

12. The "OK, I'm gonna give this one more try" face

Nintendo / Via

*takes deep breath and hits "Try Again" for the 3,434,232,432nd time*

13. The "Holy $#%* I actually beat it!" face

Nintendo / / Via

"I am a golden, sugar-coated god!"

Gaming can be hard, but snacking shouldn't be. Power up with Sugar Crisp for the energy to get past those hard parts.