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Norm Kelly Is The Canadian Dad We All Deserve

Cheers to you Norm Kelly for being quite possibly the closest person to perfection on this strange world we call home.

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For starters, Norm Kelly is a Councillor for the city of Toronto, Canada, but he is also so much more than that. Kelly has been Bernie Sanders level woke before some of us were even born.

Councillor Norm Kelly / Via Flickr: councillor_kelly

If you didn't know, Kelly earned his under- and post-graduate degrees in Canadian political history. In 1973 he became the first historian to ever detail the contribution of Chinese workers in the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which, for a century, functioned as the economic and political spine of Canada.

Beyond the golden mountain: Chinese cultural traditions in Canada / Via

A decade later Kelly joined the Special Committee on Visible Minorities in Canadian Society, which researched the status of visible minorities and aimed at protecting their cultures while integrating them into the mainstream society.

That is a 34-year-old mic drop.

Kelly is also a loud and proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community and is ALWAYS ready to represent.

Rainbow flag flying proudly at City Hall as Pride Month is about to begin. #Toronto

Councillor Norm Kelly / Via Twitter: @norm

And if you don't follow his Twitter or Instagram you are missing out on everything that is pure and good in this world and need to get your life together.

He is relatable AF.

Via Twitter: @norm

He is constantly keeping you updated on what really matters (looking at you Gemini's).

Via Twitter: @norm

He drops truth bombs because he cares.

Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

Via Twitter: @norm

He knows our collective petty asses need to hear this.

Instagram: @normkelly / Via

Not only does he stay up-to-date on the latest memes,

The internet wastes no time. #covfefe

Via Twitter: @norm

But he is also not afraid to throw some shade.

Oh, and did you know he ALSO has his own clothing line that looks sick and sends all proceeds to Toronto-based charities and non-profit organizations?

And quite possibly the cutest thing about Norm Kelly? He loves his city.

Instagram: @normkelly / Via

In conclusion: I just want Norm to look at me the way he looks at Toronto.

Instagram: @normkelly / Via

So thank you Norm Kelly for being so pure and perfect and amazing. Keep on keeping on.

Instagram: @normkelly
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