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Being Ill As A Child Vs As An Adult

"I want my mum."

1. As a kid you can run around with a snotty nose, and it’s still kind of acceptable.

As an adult, you may as well be doing this:

2. As a kid, a visit to the doctor may get you a lollipop.

As an adult, you have to schedule your own doctor's appointments...

...and all you get in return are intrusive questions about your lifestyle.

3. As a kid, you get allllll the sympathy.

As an adult you get...a little bit, but mostly you'll be asked to stop moaning.

4. As a kid, you probably won’t need to leave the house at all.

As an adult, you will eventually have to leave the house and venture out for supplies.

5. As a kid, someone will probably make you soup, and it will warm your heart and your tummy.

As an adult, you’re pretty much left with leftovers.

6. As a kid, there will be someone fussing over you constantly.

As an adult, you're just out there fending for yourself and hoping for the best...

....also you are solely responsible for cleaning up your growing pile of tissues.

7. As a kid, a "day off" means no school and lots of rest (and cartoons, obviously).

As an adult, a "day off" means you're definitely still going to reply to emails.

8. As a kid, the thought of going back to school and seeing your friends is exciting.

As an adult, the thought of going back to a backlog of not.

Coming back to work after a day off.

9. As a kid, daytime TV is brilliant.

As an adult, daytime TV is brilliant.

Sadly, that's about as fun as it gets when you're an adult. Try to kick cold symptoms and get back to normal with Sudafed.

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