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10 Signs Fantasy Football Rules Your Life

A 50-yard field goal is a glorious thing. How will you #SUBWAYGetPrimed this football season?

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1. When a player is put on the IR, you can literally feel their pain.

Tyler Naugle / BuzzFeed

The struggle is real.

2. The idea of missing the draft feels like missing the birth of your firstborn.

Doctor Who / BBC One / Via


3. Your S.O. is constantly complaining that you're "not there."

You know they're counting down the days till the season is over, right?

4. You spend game days streaming multiple games at once and generally freak-out.

Jason Sweeten / Via BuzzFeed

"I can't go to the bar, there's no Wi-Fi."

5. You're 100% better at budgeting your auction draft than you are at budgeting your rent money.

Priorities, y'all!

6. You’ve been legit upset at a ref's call because you know you won’t get potential points.


7. You honestly have no idea who to cheer for anymore. / Via

You want your favorite team to win, but you have players from the opposing team in your fantasy league and need the points.

8. Making the punniest team name in your league is basically almost as important as winning.

"Do I go with Blitzkrieg Boppers or Fools Rush In?"

9. You have alerts set up for your players, so you know what's going on with them at all times.


"You've got mail!" has never been creepier.

10. And the amount you trash talk on your friends would be inexcusable in real life.

Ashley Cook / BuzzFeed

*Remember to apologize if it gets out of hand.*

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