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11 Hockey Hooligans Who Must Be Stopped

Maybe it's time for some fresh ideas. These fans might look like they're out of control, but they really just love their teams. How will you #SUBWAYGetPrimed for hockey season?

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1. The guy who couldn't post his selfie quick enough:

Dave Sandford / National Hockey League / Via Getty Images

2. The rude duo that deserves to be in the penalty box:

3. All of the green guys:

4. The sign holder who is game for love:

Francois Lacasse / Getty Images

5. The photo bomber who couldn't care less if his team scores as long his goal of being on the Jumbotron is fulfilled:

6. The characters who throw work dress codes out the window:

CANUCKS HOCKEY BLOG / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 67304318@N00

7. The people who got caught with expressions that say it all:

8. The fans with all the right moves:

9. The face painters:

Anadolu Agency / Getty Images
Anadolu Agency / Getty Images
Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

10. The body painters:

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images
Michael Martin / Getty Images

11. And most importantly, the hair cutters:

Bruce Bennett / Via Getty Images
Mark Blinch / Reuters / Via The Wire

How will you step up your game this season?