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10 Foods That Got Made Over To Look Flawless

Hot paninis have arrived at Subway®, and now all the other foods out there are trying to look their best to keep up.

1. These chips were looking fine on their own...

...but now they're 🎵 bowchipawowow 🎵.

2. From baked potato... baeked potatOMG! 😍 😍 😍

3. *yawn*

Who IS she...?!

4. What is this...a bowl of TEETH?!?!?!

Oh, we like this now.

5. ❌❌❌

💯 💯 💯

6. Did you get enough sleep last night? You look tired.

Um, we were only kidding, french fries! Heh heh. Anyway, what are you doing later?

7. From brownies... brownie sunDAYUMMMM! 😘 😘 😘

8. Mmmm...ready for that 350 degrees of transformation.

Lol, jk — these were already perfect.

9. ✋✋✋


10. No...

...way are we sharing.

This sandwich makes lunch the highlight of your day.

This hot Chipotle Steak & Cheese panini from Subway®, featuring tender 100% Canadian steak and melty, gooey cheese on crunchy ciabatta bread, makes you want to put RIP on your gravestone...

If you thought Subway® looked good before, get ready for its line of gourmet paninis, loaded with melty cheese and grilled to perfection.