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10 Ways High School Prepared You For Your First Job

Evolution at its finest. The 4-to-9ers are done with high school and are tackling the real world head-on. Do what you did instead of studying and binge-watch all the episodes on Hulu.

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1. You learned how to have confidence in high-pressure situations.

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2. You learned the value of an engaging presentation.

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3. And you also learned, if your presentation was weak, to create a distraction.

4. You learned not to point fingers at others.

5. You learned written communication skills through frequent texting in class.

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6. You learned how to wait until the last second to finish your project.

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7. And, consequently, you learned how to cope with poor performance.

8. You learned that it's not always best to do what everyone else is doing.

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9. You learned how to work well with your peers.

10. And you learned the value of solo projects.

The real world might not be ready for the 4-to-9ers.

Make sure you binge-watch every episode on Hulu and watch those former high schoolers in action.