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14 Reasons Why Azealia Banks Is Better Than Iggy Azealia

I don't believe in pitting female rappers against each other, but I also don't stand for lifting up racist female rappers who appropriate hip hop culture.

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14. All of her music is better than Iggy Azealia's

13. I mean, did you not hear "Van Vogue"?

12. Or "1991"?

11. Your life is incomplete if you haven't heard "Liquorice"

10. She doesn't use a fake Southern accent to rap

9. She's from Harlem

8. She can also sing

Hence making it into LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts

7. She's got a unqiue sense of style

6. And her hair is always fabulous

5. Plus she advocates for safe sex

4. And she just gets it

3. She's probably like the most fun person to party with

2. And she knows how to deal da haterz

1. And she's a fucking MERMAID

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