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10 Things That Blew Your Mind From House Of Cards Season 2

Spoilers ahead. Obviously.

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10. When you realized Claire Underwood never even cared about that sexual assault bill

Claire Underwood is the ultimate ride or die chick. This isn't the first time she's sacrificed her own ambitions to help her husband succeed, but this is the first time we realize it may have been their plan all along.

8. When Claire Underwood gave her company to that chick who's life she was ruining in season 1

How do you just give someone your non-profit organization? Claire Underwood is like, "Yeah, you can have it. I'mma go become the First Lady."

7. When Claire Underwood admitted on television she was raped and had an abortion

I guess at this point neither of us should be surprised by Claire Underwood's ability to calculate and put herself out there in extremely vulnerable situations all for the benefit of her husband's career.

1. When you realized this power couple is seriously unstoppable

Without Claire Underwood, Frank would have never become president. In the end she is far more charming and subtly deceiving and conniving than he is. But somehow, she needs him just as much as he needs her.

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