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  • Mother’s Day Eve - A New Holiday Sensation

    On May 10th 2014, Mamalode – a national magazine for women with children - will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their trademarked holiday event that’s sweeping the nation – Mother’s Day Eve®. Mother’s Day Eve® is the night before Mother’s Day and Mamalode hopes that not just moms, BUT women with children (because sometimes we forget that, while moms are our superheroes – they are still human and need support) will reserve that night for getting together, laughing, commiserating, celebrating and recharging with each other. Families can have Sunday, but Saturday? Well, that’s for the ladies. This event has grown from one small party organized by the Mamalode creators in a small Montana town, to now hundreds of moms across celebrating the night away across the country. www.mamalode.com Check out this video of one fun party last year. Moms deserve a night out - Mamalode is encouraging every mom to celebrate their motherhood, collectively, on May 10th!

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