Christine Byrne
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  • Waffle Delight

    Hello Christine! My name is Allee and I work with Cooking with Caitlin as a Public Relations specialist. We are huge fans of your articles on Buzzfeed and would love to find a way to work together. is a food-focused website with over 600 original recipes, and video demonstrations of our favorite dishes. We highly enjoyed one of your latest articles titled, “30 Delicious Things to Cook in June.” This was a fantastic and inventive idea for readers to learn the go-to meals for June! As a college student I know I will be using this to share with my friends for their summer meals. We would love to contribute something similar for the upcoming Fall season. I have attached a Fall recipe below that will hopefully catch your interest. Check out my personal fav…the “to die for” Sage Stuffing Waffles with Arugula Salad and Spiral-Sliced Ham . Words cannot adequately convey this taste sensation! We, Cooking with Caitlin, would happily share our recipes and ideas when it comes to cooking for, feeding, and entertaining people with you and your readers. It is something we love and do best! We’ve got all sorts of thoughts on evergreen content to contribute to Buzzfeed! What is the best way to pitch our recipes, photos, and ideas to you? Thank you, Allee -RECIPE: Sage Stuffing Waffles with Arugula Salad and Spiral-Sliced Ham. __ Allee Martin Cooking With Caitlin Public Relations Associate Email: View Image ›

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