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11 Struggles All Spontaneous People Can Relate To

Because when you get an awesome idea, you HAVE to follow it.

1. Your late-night food excursions are often solo.

2. No matter how much you tell yourself to order the safe menu item, you end up getting something weird.

3. You give a lot of awkward hugs and high fives.

4. You receive packages you don't remember ordering.

5. You are always busy because you LOVE agreeing to do stuff.

6. You're also flaking all the time because you overbook yourself.

7. You spend way too much money on things like hotels.

8. Adventure buddies are hard to come by because no one else is as spontaneous as you.

9. You sometimes forget what you're doing because something more fun came along.

10. The impulse-buy area by the checkout stand is dangerous territory for you.

11. You spend a lot of time growing out weird haircuts.

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